Career Seminar: Humankind and Water Management

Do you know what the world’s #1 crisis is right now? It is water!  Clean drinking water changes lives forever. Come hear more from Humankind Water and Thaddeus Stevens Water Management program at this unique career seminar from two different perspectives on helping change the global water crisis.

Humankind is a social entrepreneurship company that sells “products with a purpose”.  They sell water to bring exactly that, clean drinking water to others around the world.  Their purpose is simple, get people around the world the most basic of human needs – clean drinking water. By purchasing Humankind Water, customers have helped to install wells and filters in several countries and communities worldwide. We’re making a world of a difference, one bottle at a time.  Every bottle of water bought, provides 100 days of clean drinkingVisit Site water to another individual in the world.  

TJ and Megan Foltz did not go to high school or college seeking out how to change the world, through their jobs and life experiences came the foundation for this amazing company.  Come learn more about how the company came to be and how lives are being changed around the world and how they are promoting not only to Buy Humankind, but to Be Humankind
Professor Katie Surra from Thaddeus Stevens will be joining this career seminar to talk about careers in water management and the connection of clean water to the ecosystem and the economy.

This career seminar will run during block 2 at 9:30 and homeroom.  If you block 2 teacher isn’t bringing your class, sign up to attend the seminar during homeroom. Block 2 teachers, email to RSVP.


Admissions Rep Meetings

In addition to the college fair at Education Day on November 6th, Penn Manor Counselors have coordinated Admission Decision Days with three colleges and Admission Rep visit with two other colleges.  Dates and Sign-up below:

Millersville University Admissions Decision Day: Monday, October 30th

Deadline to apply to MU online, October 25th, 2017MU Logo

Deadline to sign up with PMHS Counseling office by October 25th

You do not need to pay the application fee.  Check off the “waiver” box to waive the application fee. Signing up online with the PMHS Counseling office for this event serves as your waiver.

York College: November 6th

Deadline to apply to York College, October 30th, 2017York College Logo

Deadline to sign online up with PMHS Counseling office and request transcripts by October 30th

No fee to Apply.

PA College of Health Science Admissions Decision Day November 6th

Students must apply online by October 30th.

Students should also sign-up with the PMHS School Counseling office by October 30th

Fill out the Sign-up sheet to get the code for the fee waiver.

West Virginia University Admissions Rep Visit November 6th


Sign-up Online to meet with this Division 1 University of West Virginia

Rensselaer Poly Tech Admissions Rep Visit November 14th

Sign-up Online to meet with a rep from one of the countries oldest technological research university.

Click here 12th graders sign-up for Admissions Decision Days

Click here 9th-12th graders sign-up for presentations or meetings with reps



What is Admissions Decision Day? 

Admissions Decision Day means that a student will meet one-on-one with an Admissions rep here at Penn Manor High School. During this one-on-one meeting the student will find out if he/she got into the university. *Art and Music Majors will require an additional review process. In that case, the Admissions rep at the event will explain the process to the students and provide feedback on their application. Dress nicely for the event, you will be meeting with the admissions representatives. Dress to impress!

Sign online up with the PHMS Counseling office at the link  at least a week before the event (see deadlines above). You only need to sign up online once and mark all schools you will be applying to.

Application Tips:

  1. Dress clean and professionally on the day of the event to meet with the admissions reps
  2. Bring a copy of your first marking period report card and/or letters of recommendations if you need that additional competitive edge or need to supplement for low grades in the past.

Test Scores: If you already have your test results, the PMHS Counselors will provide it if you have signed-up online. If you are schedule to take them in the future, please Request your SAT through and/or ACT scores through

Transcripts: If you have signed up online, the PMHS Counselors will provide it to the college if you have signed-up online.

Lancaster County Technical Career Forums

If you are a student interested in redefining career success, there is a great opportunity for you! The Lancaster County Workforce Development Board put together “Redefining Career Success” technical career forums that they will be hosting. These forums will feature local employers, training providers and skill developers to showcase the high priority occupations in Lancaster County. The events also include workshops for parents of career/college bound students, discussions with industry leaders and a chance to win a scholarship toward educational expenses at a local post-secondary institution.

Dates and locations for the events are as follows:

  • Wednesday, 9/20 – Garden Spot High School
  • Wednesday, 10/4 – Quarryville Library Center
  • Thursday, 10/12 – Ephrata Area High School
  • Thursday, 10/19 – HACC – Lancaster Campus – East 203
  • Thursday, 10/26 – Associated Builders and Contractors – Keystone Campus, Mt. Joy
  •  Wednesday, 11/8 – Columbia High School Auditorium

*All events are open from 6 pm-8 pm and the workshop sessions will be held from 6:30-7:30 pm.

This is a great opportunity for students to explore their options and become aware of the high-demand careers while also engaging with Lancaster County’s leading employers and educators!

Manufacturing Week-Career Seminar

On Monday, October 2nd during block 4 Penn Manor will be hosting employees from the Wildcat Point Generation Facility at 1:30pm.

This new power plant in Cecil County, Maryland will be a combined-cycle power plant expected to generate sufficient electricity to provide for 390,000 homes a year. The presenters will teach students about careers in energy, share their own journeys, and talk about the opportunities for students to learn more.  One of the presenters, will be Kirk Reiner, a parent of Penn Manor alumni.

Teachers can RSVP to bring their 4th block class by emailing

Students, you can sign-up here:

This is an activity for the first day of Manufacturing Week, which runs October 2nd-October 6th. Other activities for Manufacturing Week include a field trip for girls to Thaddeus Stevens, an industry field trip for 9th grade students, and other classroom based activities.   Learn about this high-demand field