Interested in the Naval Academy?

The United States Naval Academy Parents’ Club is sponsoring a bus trip on March 31st to help families learn more about the Naval Academy. Parents and students will have the opportunity to visit the Academy, learn about the application process, and hear from current “midshipmen” at the Academy. The cost is $90 per person. For more information, click NAVAL-ACADEMY or speak to your counselor.

Career Seminars: High Steel & LCSWMA

High Steel Structures- Block 4  February 12th, 2018 

Preparing for Entrance into the Workforce and careers at High Steel

Auditorium 1:45-2:40

Image result for High Steel Company Logo, Lancaster

Ronnie Medlock, VP of Technical Services for High Steel Structures will present about his journey and how he landed in his role at HighSteel, as well as the positions that they generally recruit for at Steel in particular. In addition, staff from the HR department will present on soft skills required for a solid interview experience, an idea of compensation and benefits for the roles discussed.

Following the Career Seminar, individual students will have an opportunity to sign up to tour the facility in the future.


Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority- Block 2 February 20th, 2018 

Interviewing, Soft Skills, and Careers at LCSWMA 

Auditorium 9:30-10:21

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The LCSWMA is one of the leading employers in Penn Manor School District.  They employee in a variety of fields from skill labor jobs to advanced scientists and business staff. They will present on Careers at LCSWMA and also highlight  interviewing and soft skills to help students prepare to enter the workforce.

Following the Career Seminar, individual students will have an opportunity to sign up to tour the facility in the future.


If students would like to attend, but their whole class isn’t able to come, students can individually sign up here:

How to understand your PSAT scores

College board created a very helpful video providing you with information on how to understand and get the most out of your PSAT scores! It is important to understand these scores because they give you a great understanding of how you will do on the SAT and how ready you are for college. In the short video, you will gain knowledge on how to interpret your test scores, cross-test scores and subscores, which provide you with more specific details on how you did in certain areas. This is a great resource because it allows you to see the areas in which you could improve so that you are ready for the SAT.

Click here to view the video on how to understand your PSAT scores and how to make the most of them!

Health and Biomedical Sciences Summer Camp Opportunity

Lebanon Valley College is hosting a great summer camp opportunity for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors who are interested in learning about the scientific basis of human health.

Through lectures and hands-on laboratory investigations in state-of-the-art laboratories, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of molecular biology, pharmacology, immunology, biochemistry and medical ethics. In addition, students will interact with practicing professionals in fields such as medicine, physical therapy, toxicology, genetic counseling and biomedical laboratory research.

The dates for the Health and Biomedical Sciences Summer Camp are:

  • June 24-29th or
  • July 22-27th

If you are interested in attending this camp, please fill out an application here

If you have any questions, please email or stop by the counseling office! Health-and-Biomedical-Sciences-Summer-Camp-Flyer

2018 Summer Honors Program Opportunity

If you are an upcoming Junior or Senior, there is a great summer opportunity for you!

Cook Honor’s College, IUP is hosting a summer honors program from July 22nd-August 4th, 2018. This is a great opportunity and the donations are excellent this year! Each student who attends earns a scholarship of $1000, leaving the total cost for program at $400!

All applications are due by May 1st, 2018. All you need to do to apply is: Submit an application, get teacher recommendation and a copy of your transcript. These items can be emailed or mailed.

The applications can be found here 

If you have any questions, please email Kevin Berezansky at

Workforce Prep Seminar

College is not for everyone, but it is important to have a plan for after high school! Penn Manor has put together a variety of seminars that will help seniors explore their options for life after high school. These seminars will take place during the Spring semester and there will be a couple seminars each month. These seminars range from building a good resume to having the opportunity to participate in Mock interviews with companies in the area. There are also a couple field trips that students can attend, such as visiting PA College of Health Sciences or exploring HACC’s programs that students might not be aware of. For a full description and dates of each seminar please click Career-Workshop-Flyer

For students who are interesting in attending any of the career seminars or have any questions, please email: or fill out the google form and check off which workshops you are interested in: