Instant Decision Day-Millersville University

Millersville University will be doing Instant Admissions Decision Day Wednesday, December 16th. This is where you can apply online, meet with an admissions rep on a virtual call for about 10 minutes to find out if you are accepted!

Applying now through this method means that you don’t have to pay to send your test scores* and you don’t have to do the essay portion of the application.  Sign-up now:

1) Register for Instant Decision Day with Millersville ASAP for timeslot
2) Apply to Millersville on their website (easier than the common app)
3) Request Transcripts on Xello. If you are having trouble, you can sign-up on this google form for the counselors to send it.

*Millersville University is test-optional for students with a GPA higher than 3.2. If your GPA is lower than a 3.2, then please request on the form below for your counselor to send any test scores we have for you (PSAT/SAT/ACT). If you don’t have either, please talk to your counselor to prepare for an admissions interview.

Self-Care for Families and Youth

Self-care is any intentional action that is done by an individual to take care of their own mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Individual self-care involves any action during the day that helps maintain a feeling of calm, balance, and wellness (e.g. setting boundaries, meditation, play breaks, movement breaks, self-advocacy). Creating a self-care plan, where the identification and incorporation of specific self-care strategies for promoting resilience and maintaining a healthy life balance, can help ensure self-care becomes a part of daily routines. There are resources to assist families and youth to develop self-care plans and routines. There are a few suggestions below:

Department of Education

Families are experiencing increased levels of stress as they attempt to adapt to working from home while students are also learning from home. This novel environment during the pandemic can be disruptive to school, work, and family life.

How to self-care when you work from home and your child is learning from home:

  • Create a Family Schedule
  • Help your youth identify what goals they have for the year and what steps they need to accomplish them.
  • Ask for help – schools and families are learning how to adapt to the new virtual settings. 
  • Set up a designated workspace. 
  • Create some games that can help get work done, coordinate a fun family activity, and help get things done around the house. 

For more information on how to use Self Care for Families and Youth, click here to see the resources from the Department of Education.

What’s the real cost of college?

Sallie Mae®

How to save, plan, and pay.

Paying for college doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If college is in your student’s future, you’ll want them to join this webinar during which we’ll show you and your students how to create a workable plan, that’s also responsible.

Students and families can register for a free webinar to learn more.

Register now for a free webinar:
What’s the real cost of college? How to save, plan, and pay.

Wednesday, December 9 | 1-2pm ET Register Now

Thursday, December 10 | 8-9pm ET Register Now

During this webinar, we’ll cover:

During this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Saving for college- it is never too late!
  • How to select a college and how much it will cost
  • FAFSA- what, why, and how
  • Understanding a financial aid offer
  • how to find and apply for scholarships and grants- FREE $$$
  • Education loan options
  • Free tools and resources to make the process easier

Space is limited, so please register early!

Plus, check out the Paying for College Resource for more ways to help students and families pay for college, including helpful guides, free tools, and a video series.

Architecture, Construction & Engineering

ACE Mentor Program

ACE Mentor Program

  • Students in grades 10-12 may apply
  • Sessions run January 5th through March 23rd, held on Tuesdays 4:30 – 6:00 pm. Mentor office hours 6:00-6:30.
  • Students work in teams to design and create projects
  •  Industry professionals serve as mentors for the teams
  •  Work site visits 
  • Location—Virtual via Zoom
  •  Topics:  architecture; civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering; system integration/scheduling; construction estimating and bidding; construction management; Interior and Landscape; finishes & safety
  •  Application deadline December 18th
  •  Cost: $40 per student

Contact Nickolas Martin – 717-435-1819 

Apply at—instructions included

Steps to Apply to the ACE Mentor Program

  1. Go to
  1. Click on New Student Registration
  1. Compete the New Member Registration form and click Continue
  1. The next screen displays your email and password – WRITE IT DOWN AND SAVE
  1. Click Log In
  1. The next screen displays the School Year Registration. Complete all required fields. You can return to your Registration later to add additional information or to make corrections.
  1. Click submit when you are done
  1. The next screen displays a Thank You page with a Parent Consent form. Download the form and follow the instructions on screen.
  1. At this point you are done registering with and completing the School Year Registration.
  1. Click on the Login and view your account information link.