Job Openings

Are you looking for a JOB after graduation? Do you want to find a summer job? If you are looking for part time, full time or summer job opportunities >>>> Go to the Virtual Job Board! We have received MANY local opportunities for students (and parents). There are a few job fairs and hiring events that are coming in the next few weeks. Some places are even offering a sign-on bonus. Take advantage of these local jobs today. Click HERE.

Dual Enrollment Update 2021

If you missed the Dual Enrollment Meeting for Fall 2021 back in March, you can view a recording here


Registration for Millersville University is now up! Here are the instructions for applying to Millersville University for Fall 2021.

  1. Watch this “How to video” below for completing the Millersville Application.  
    1. Goes over how to Apply for MU, 
    2. Goes over what you need to fill out for Penn Manor so it will count here. 
    3. Goes over a quick intro refresher of HACC registration at the end
  2. Apply for Dual Enrollment at your selected College
  3. Notify your counselor what you applied for by filling out the PMHS online application and proper forms (tells you how to do this in the video). 

Dual Enrollment Millersville University Fall 2021 | – Watch Video

*Note for PMHS Deadline: if there is a reason beyond your control you can’t fill out the Penn Manor Application by May 24th (example, a change in your schedule, or waiting for AP Scores), then we will still accept them on a rolling case-by-case basis.