Career Seminar: Humankind and Water Management

Do you know what the world’s #1 crisis is right now? It is water!  Clean drinking water changes lives forever. Come hear more from Humankind Water and Thaddeus Stevens Water Management program at this unique career seminar from two different perspectives on helping change the global water crisis.

Humankind is a social entrepreneurship company that sells “products with a purpose”.  They sell water to bring exactly that, clean drinking water to others around the world.  Their purpose is simple, get people around the world the most basic of human needs – clean drinking water. By purchasing Humankind Water, customers have helped to install wells and filters in several countries and communities worldwide. We’re making a world of a difference, one bottle at a time.  Every bottle of water bought, provides 100 days of clean drinkingVisit Site water to another individual in the world.  

TJ and Megan Foltz did not go to high school or college seeking out how to change the world, through their jobs and life experiences came the foundation for this amazing company.  Come learn more about how the company came to be and how lives are being changed around the world and how they are promoting not only to Buy Humankind, but to Be Humankind
Professor Katie Surra from Thaddeus Stevens will be joining this career seminar to talk about careers in water management and the connection of clean water to the ecosystem and the economy.

This career seminar will run during block 2 at 9:30 and homeroom.  If you block 2 teacher isn’t bringing your class, sign up to attend the seminar during homeroom. Block 2 teachers, email to RSVP.


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