Dual Enrollment Meeting Presentation

If you were not able to attend the Dual Enrollment meeting, or would like to look back at specific information from the presentation, please download this Dual Enrollment Presentation-Spring 2019 meeting document.

Dual Enrollment Forms are in the school counseling office. Please email Miss Fry elizabeth.fry@pennmanor.net or your school counselor if you have questions.

Dual Enrollment Interest Meeting: Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

10th and 11th grade:  Are you interested in completing college credits early?

The Dual Enrollment meeting for students interested in taking courses this FALL 2019 will be held during homeroom (10:20-11:20) Tuesday, March 5th in the LIBRARY.  A representative from Millersville and HACC will present information about Dual Enrollment courses.

* Students who have already taken a dual enrollment course need to attend this meeting if you are applying for a FALL 2019 course. This meeting will go over any updates to the dual enrollment process.

Dual Enrollment: High Shool to College sign

Date: Tuesday, March 5th

Time: 10:20-11:20 (Homeroom)

Place: Library

Sign-up now or in the school counseling office

Dual Enrollment Interest Meeting: Tuesday, October 30th

Words about College
Dual Enrollment

11th and 12th grade:  Are you interested in completing college credits early and saving money?

The Dual Enrollment meeting for students interested in taking a course this SPRING 2019 will be held during homeroom (10:20-11:20) this Tuesday, October 30th in the LIBRARY.  A representative from Millersville University and HACC will present information about dual enrollment courses.  

Date: Tuesday, October 30th

Time: 10:20-11:20 (homeroom)

Place: Library

Sign-up now or in the school counseling office!

Early Enrollment at Thaddeus Stevens

What is Thaddeus Sevens Early Enrollment Program? With the early enrollment program, students simultaneously complete their senior year of high school while also completing their freshman year major courses at Thaddeus Stevens College on a full time basis. Academic eligibility is determined by students taking the COMPASS placement test. ThaddeusStevens(1)Students must score at the college level to pursue early enrollment. Early enrollment
students are charged a reduced rate for tuition and are not required to pay the application fee. One year after enrolling, students graduate from Penn Manor high school with a diploma while also having completed one year of an associate degree.

Tuition is 50% off for early enrollment and students may be eligible for financial aid

Interested students need to attend the information session on Tuesday November 7th  2017 at 10:30am (homeroom) in the Penn Manor guidance office.  Sign-up is required. Students, sign up here or at button below. Parents of 11th grade students interested in the program are highly encouraged to attend with their student.

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Dual Enrollment- Spring

The dual enrollment meeting for students interested in taking a class in Spring 2018 will be October 18th in the library.  Students should be excused from clubs to attend this meeting. Students who have already taken a dual enrollment course need to attend this meeting if they are applying for a course for Spring 2018. This meeting will go over any updates to the dual enrollment process.

Students, please sign up to attend by filling out the google form or stopping by the counseling office.

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College 101 2017


The 2017 College 101 event is Wednesday, March 29th at 6:30 pm in the high school Library We will be addressing…

  • What should I be looking for in a college and when should I start looking?
  • Where do I start when writing my college admission essay?
  • What are the components of the college application?
  • What resources are available to me?College 101 logo

Everything you need to know about the admissions process from college reps and school counselors. This event is targeted towards 9th, 10th & 11th graders and parents are strongly encouraged to come!

College College Planning Related Events:

The School Counselors will also be presenting at  Course Selection Night, Thursday, February 16th on the following topics:

  • Lancaster County CTC – 7:00 (Recommended for 8th-11th graders)
  • NCAA – 7:20 (Recommended for 8th-11th graders)
  • Standing out in High School – 7:40 (Recommended for 8th-11th graders)
  • FAFSA Completion – throughout the night in room 362 (For 12th graders. Students need to bring their laptop)

The Career Seminars, specifically the one on March 13th will include information about the application portfolio.

Dual Enrollment Instructions for Millersville University

Millersville University has changed their dual enrollment process.  Current high school students must follow the following procedures regardless of how many dual enrollment courses they have taken at Mdualenrollmentfileillersville before. Millersville recommends that you apply online by November 16th for Spring Classes (May 15th for fall classes). Instructions and a checklist can be found in the school counselors office in a red bin. The Penn Manor check-list is in a blue folder and the Millersville paperwork is in a yellow folder.


Instructions for Millersville (Follow the steps below and see the Penn Manor Checklist Attached here)

First: Read Online Instructions

Second: Find a Class

  • Use the list provided on the online instructions and the millersville web schedule.  Write down the 5-digit CRN number for the course you are interested in, as that number will be used on the application.

Third: Apply online

  • Upload your own Transcripts which you download from your sapphire account.
  • Upload SAT or ACT score report
  • Choose Ms. Dana Wile as the dual enrollment coordinator/school counselor
  • Only list the course you want to enroll in. If there is a lab and lecture for the course, be sure to list both in the appropriate sections.

Fourth: Submit “Millersville Transcript Release” form to Penn Manor School Counselors office with the “Penn Manor Dual Enrollment Application”

  • If a student does not do this step, the course may not count as high school credit
  • Submit this with-in a week of applying to Millersville, before the end of November. Copies of these forms are in the yellow-folder in the school counselors office.

Fifth: Submit Proof of Enrollment

  • Once you have paid for and are officially enrolled in the course, submit proof of enrollment to your assigned school counselor for your Penn Manor schedule to be adjusted and count the MU course for credit. This proof may be a copy of your mailed enrollment notification or a screenshot of your Millersville MAX account enrollment.

Final Grades: Penn Manor will get a copy of your transcripts from Millersville; however, the timeliness of this does not always match with Penn Manors report card schedule. You can submit a screenshot of your final grade from your MU MAX account to your school counselor in the interim, to be verified by your transcripts later.

Other schools: The process for other schools like HACC and LBC is still the same. Instructions are in the blue folder in the dual enrollment bin.

Please see your school counselor if you have any questions.

Dual Enrollment Meeting March 15 for Fall 2016

The dual enrollment meeting for students interested in taking a class in Fall 2016 will be Tuesday, March 15th in the library Distance Learning Lab during homeroom.  Students should be excused from clubs to attend this meeting. Students who have already taken a dual enrollment course need to attend this meeting if they are applying for a course for Fall 2016. This meeting will go over any updates to the dual enrollment process.

Students, please sign up to attend by filling out the google form or stopping by the counseling office.

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Dual enrollment is an opportunity for academically college-ready students to take a college class. Typically the college credit counts for  high school elective credit in an area which complements the course offerings at Penn Manor. Several schools offer dual enrollment credit at a reduced rate to local students.

Information Sessions for parents of 9-11th grade to be held at Course Selection Night!

Course Selection Night Information Sessions to be Offered

On February 18th, PMHS will be holding Course Selection Night for 8th-11th grade students, parents, and guardians to promote the wide array of classes available.  We hope that this helps students choose the best possible course schedule for the 2016-2017 school year.

The counselors have planned short information sessions on topics that we frequently get questions about from parents and guardians.

All sessions will be held in the HS Library.  Please consider joining us for one or more talk.


7:00 pm  Opportunities at the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center

7:20 pm  Ready, Set, Go! NCAA – What you need to know about the NCAA and play a sport in college

7:40 pm   Dual Enrollment – Earn College Credits While in HS!

8:00 pm   College Entrance Testing 101– SAT/ACT/PSAT updates and tips


Additionally, a representative from the Open Campus program will be available to answer questions about courses being offered next year.


Counseling Office Upcoming Deadlines 2015

This is a reminder that the following things are due before winter break:

CTC applications for 2016-2017 school year are due to the guidance office by December 23rd, 2015.

Dual Enrollment

  • Ali Scholarship Applications for Fall 2015 reimbursement due December 22nd.
  • F&M Course Application due December 22nd
  • Grades from Fall Dual Enrollment Course Due ASAP to Ms. Dana Wile (before January 13th at the latest).
  • Proof of Enrollment in Spring Dual Enrollment Course due ASAP to your school counselor, (before January 13th at the latest).


Dual Enrollment Spring and Summer 2016

Registration has officially opened for Spring and Summer Dual Enrollment!   Local schools that offer the Dual Enrollment program are Millersville University, Harrisburg Area Community College, Seyton Hill and others.  Some students have also completed the Dual Enrollment program through Elizabethtown College, Lancaster Bible College, and even Penn State York. An information session was held in October but in case you missed it, here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Complete the appropriate Dual Enrollment application for the college you want to complete the course through.  Applications for Millersville University and HACC are in the counseling office in the front lobby. They are due to your counselor by Monday, November 16th. *Don’t worry about getting principal signature, counselors will do this upon receiving your application.
  2. Make sure there is a transcript release form on file with the counseling office at the time you turn in your application.
  3. If needed, schedule a placement test or registration appointment,
  4. Once you have been accepted, provide your counselor with proof of registration so that it can be added to your schedule.
  5. Once the course is complete:  Students are eligible to apply for a reimbursement scholarship. Students should listen to the announcements for more information about how to apply at the end of the semester.

**Scheduling Appointments with colleges:

Millersville: Student must have SAT combined Math and Critical Reading score of 1050 or ACT score of 23 to be eligible for Dual Enrollment courses. MU requires placement testing for Chemistry, Mathematics, and Foreign Language. See application for phone numbers to arrange for testing.

HACC: Many HACC courses require English proficiency of placement into ENGL 101. This can be show by taking the HACC Placement tests. or SAT Verbal score of 480, or higher or ACT English score of 21 or higher. Find information about scheduling the placement tests at HACC’s website.

Penn State York: Students must make a dual enrollment registration appointment by calling the admissions office 717-771-4040.  See the Penn State York Dual Enrollment Fact Sheet for more information and complete the Penn State York Dual Enrollment Form

Dual Enrollment at Stevens Tech

downloadJuniors– are you interested in completing a year of college at the same time as you complete your senior year of high school?  You can do that through the Dual Enrollment program at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.  This year we have five seniors attending college all day all year!  If you would like to learn more about this opportunity please stop in to see your counselor or Mrs. Ostrowski in the counseling office so you can sign up for an information session on November 7th at 10:30.  Download the poster here:  Penn Manor HS 11.7.