Dual Enrollment Instructions for Millersville University

Please Note– MU Starts on August 19, 2024! This is a week before Penn Manor begins. You MUST be available to attend the week of August 19th in order to take a Fall 2024 course at MU.

Millersvillle University offers two types of Programs. The first is traditional Dual Enrollment, which is at 50% the tuition cost of regular education and the student is a Penn Manor Student just taking a course or two at Millersville University through the Dual Enrollment Process below. Students who do this route pick their own classes from those eligible. Another program Millersville University has started is an “Early Enrollment Pathway” hosted by the Lombardo College of Business. This is a free cohort-based program students do in 11th and 12th-grade years.

First: Read Online Instructions

Second: Choose the course

  • Use the list provided on the online instructions and the Millersville web schedule.  Write down the 5-digit CRN number and the course title and number.

Third: Apply online.

  • Download your transcript from Sapphire. Go to your Community Portal, click on reports and transcript.
  • Upload your Transcript to the MU Application
  • Upload SAT or ACT score report
  • Choose Melissa Ostrowski as the dual enrollment coordinator/school counselor
  • Only choose the course you want to enroll in. If there is a lab and lecture for the course, be sure to select both in the appropriate sections.

Fourth: Submit “Millersville Transcript Release” form to Penn Manor School Counselors.

  • If a student does not do this step, the course may not count as high school credit
  • Submit this within a week of applying to Millersville. Copies of these forms are in the yellow-folder in the school counselors office and electronically on the application. You can submit it on paper or attach it to your proof of enrollment in step 5.

Fifth: Submit Proof of Enrollment

  • Once you have paid for and are officially enrolled in the course, submit proof of enrollment to your assigned school counselor for your Penn Manor schedule to be adjusted and count the MU course for credit. T
  • This proof may be a copy of your emailed enrollment notification or a screenshot of your Millersville MAX account enrollment. The student may take a screenshot of the class schedule and upload to the link on the counseling blog Dual Enrollment page as proof of enrollment.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All MU Dual Enrollment students must attend a required Orientation in person at MU. This is typically held the first week of August and there is a morning and afternoon session. Check the student’s personal email for the information about the orientation and sign up for a session.

Final Grades: Penn Manor will get a copy of your transcripts from Millersville; however, the timeliness of this does not always match with Penn Manors report card schedule. You should email a screenshot of your final grade from your MU MAX account to your school counselor to make sure the grade is recorded promptly.

    Please see your school counselor if you have any questions.

    Dual Enrollment Meeting March 15 for Fall 2016

    The dual enrollment meeting for students interested in taking a class in Fall 2016 will be Tuesday, March 15th in the library Distance Learning Lab during homeroom.  Students should be excused from clubs to attend this meeting. Students who have already taken a dual enrollment course need to attend this meeting if they are applying for a course for Fall 2016. This meeting will go over any updates to the dual enrollment process.

    Students, please sign up to attend by filling out the google form or stopping by the counseling office.

    Sign-up button general

    Dual enrollment is an opportunity for academically college-ready students to take a college class. Typically the college credit counts for  high school elective credit in an area which complements the course offerings at Penn Manor. Several schools offer dual enrollment credit at a reduced rate to local students.

    Science Course Selection Assistance

    Based on their personal and professional experience, the faculty of the Science Department has given consideration to the most popular careers students are planning.  In the documents on this Science Course Selection Assistance Moodle are their suggestions as to what science course pathways will best prepare students for those careers.   https://moodle.pennmanor.net/course/view.php?id=833


    Course Selection Presentations

    In February the counselors presented to Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors about course selection.  Students MUST to go in Sapphire this week to select 8 courses and 2 alternates for the 2016-2017 School Year.  Please see the links below for the details and presentations:

    Course Selection Materials (Letter, worksheet, course selection guide, and more) on the High School Blog

    Freshman Course Selection Class Meeting Slide Show

    Sophomore Course Selection Class Meeting Slide Show

    Junior Course Selection Class Meeting Slide Show

    A week of your summer at Susquehanna University!


    Consider spending a week of your summer at Susquehanna University, a residential liberal sumerworkshops arts and science college in central Pennsylvania where you will have the opportunity to live on their college campus while developing skills in college-level workshops!  Susquehanna offers a range of programs that allow you to gain hands on experience in areas such as..

    STREAM ECOLOGY (July 10-16)
    Students will study the living and non-living components of stream systems and how those elements interact with each other. They’ll work at local streams and search under rocks for crawdads and salamanders, and test stream waters for phosphate, nitrogen and dissolved oxygen, using the same equipment and methods that professionals do.  There will be daily field trips and students will have the opportunity to go boating, canoeing and kayaking! Click here to apply

    BUSINESS (June 26-July 2)
    Students live the life of an entrepreneur where they will work in teams with other students as they run a virtual business, come up with a new product or service, and produce an infomercial. The week includes meeting with entrepreneurs and study trips to Hersheypark. Click here to apply

    The comprehensive fee for the SEI program will be $925 and this includes rooms, meals and all of the program’s materials.  Students who apply on or before April 1st will receive the discounted fee of $875.  


    Wildlife Leadership Academy

    Are you interested in wildlife or fisheries and habitat conservation? 

    The Wildlife Leadership Academy has opened its Youth Conservation Ambassador nomination process to the public and is currently seeking referrals of motivated students ages 14 to 17 to become Certified Conservation Ambassadors. Nominations are now being accepted online here. Letters will be sent to nominated students, with an invitation to apply to the 2016 program.


    Accepted nominees will become certified Conservation Ambassadors through attending one of five 5-day residential summer field schools which will focus on white-tailed deer, brook trout, ruffed grouse, black bear, and one species to be determined. Students in each field school will gain extensive knowledge about wildlife/fisheries and conservation, leadership experience, and communication skills. Applicants must be nominated by an adult that is not a relative (teacher, school counselor, advisor, employer, youth group leader, etc.).

    Our Conservation Ambassadors receive:

    • Letters of Recommendation from the Executive Director for college applications;
    • Certification of community service work, and,
    • Certificates designating them as Conservation Ambassadors.

    PLUS, Conservation Ambassadors are also eligible to:

    • Receive 3 College Credits from Cedar Crest College;
    • Apply to become a Youth Mentor and return to the program tuition free the following year;
    • Compete for college scholarships;
    • Attend college visit days at colleges and universities that have wildlife and conservation programs; and,
    • Join an Academy Alumni Network of 100+ wildlife, fisheries, and conservation professionals.

    The Wildlife Leadership Academy is a cooperative initiative involving state agencies and conservation organizations whose mission is to connect people, nature and community.

    For more information, contact Institute Director, Michele Kittell, at mkittell@piceweb.org (570) 245-8518 or Program Coordinator, Katie Cassidy atkcassidy@piceweb.org or (570) 939-5109.  You can also connect with the Academy online at www.PICEweb.org or visit their Facebook

    Study Abroad -AFS

    Web_edit__1Interested in studying abroad? With 40 countries to choose from, AFS offers over 120 programs where you can study abroad and volunteer while completing your course requirements. Studying abroad is an immersion experience that will allow you to become familiar to what was once a foreign community.  Stay with a host family, learn a new language twice as fast as you would in a classroom and learn how to communicate with locals. Studying abroad will allow you to gain a second family across the globe and make friendships that will last a lifetime.  AFS is hosting an informational session where you will be able to discuss with past participants about their experience!

    Decemeber 14, 2015 @ 6:30-8:00 PM
    Lititz Public Library
    651 Kissel Hill Road
    Lititz, PA  17543
    For more information: 
    Deb Felak
    (717) 808-6923

    Dual Enrollment Spring and Summer 2016

    Registration has officially opened for Spring and Summer Dual Enrollment!   Local schools that offer the Dual Enrollment program are Millersville University, Harrisburg Area Community College, Seyton Hill and others.  Some students have also completed the Dual Enrollment program through Elizabethtown College, Lancaster Bible College, and even Penn State York. An information session was held in October but in case you missed it, here is a summary of the steps:

    1. Complete the appropriate Dual Enrollment application for the college you want to complete the course through.  Applications for Millersville University and HACC are in the counseling office in the front lobby. They are due to your counselor by Monday, November 16th. *Don’t worry about getting principal signature, counselors will do this upon receiving your application.
    2. Make sure there is a transcript release form on file with the counseling office at the time you turn in your application.
    3. If needed, schedule a placement test or registration appointment,
    4. Once you have been accepted, provide your counselor with proof of registration so that it can be added to your schedule.
    5. Once the course is complete:  Students are eligible to apply for a reimbursement scholarship. Students should listen to the announcements for more information about how to apply at the end of the semester.

    **Scheduling Appointments with colleges:

    Millersville: Student must have SAT combined Math and Critical Reading score of 1050 or ACT score of 23 to be eligible for Dual Enrollment courses. MU requires placement testing for Chemistry, Mathematics, and Foreign Language. See application for phone numbers to arrange for testing.

    HACC: Many HACC courses require English proficiency of placement into ENGL 101. This can be show by taking the HACC Placement tests. or SAT Verbal score of 480, or higher or ACT English score of 21 or higher. Find information about scheduling the placement tests at HACC’s website.

    Penn State York: Students must make a dual enrollment registration appointment by calling the admissions office 717-771-4040.  See the Penn State York Dual Enrollment Fact Sheet for more information and complete the Penn State York Dual Enrollment Form

    Summer opportunity with Pennsylvania Governor’s Schools

    Pennsylvania Governor’s Schools is five week ungraded summer enrichment program where students experience the opportunity of living on the CMU campus in a college dorm.

    1 ) The Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences: allows students to further explore areas in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The Governor’s School provides programs in biological sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science with emphasis on collborative learning and team research. Click here for more information. Deadline: January 31, 2015

    2) Health Careers Scholars Academy: allows students to better understand the dynamic world of health care. Will be able to experience hands-on campus experience for studies in medicine. Click here for more information. Deadline: Feburary 15, 2015

    3) Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Agricultural Sciences:  Is free to students and provides an expansive overview of the diverse fields of agricultural science and natural resources. Click here for more information. Deadline: Feburary 19, 2015

    4) Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Engineering and Technology:  An enrichment experience in science, technology, engineering and
    mathematics and emphasizes cooperative learning and hands-on laboratory
    experiences. Click here for more information. Deadline: TBA


    Summer Discovery Program

    Interested in a taste of the college experience?  Or maybe boosting your resume for future employers with an internship? How about traveling to Italy and immersing yourself into the culture of food.  Spend a proactive summer with Summer Discovery by studying abroad or taking classes on a college campus. Summer discovery offers numerous schools to choose from such as UCLA, Michigan State, Georgetown, UPenn, Emerson, CU Boulder and more! With over 300+ courses to choose from and numerous community service programs, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and further explore your interests and potential career.  Click here to learn more!

    Study Abroad

    Save up to $300 by applying for Fall Enrollment (offer ends November 17)