Micro-Scholarships for Industry-Recognized Credentials

Want to become a lifeguard? Take a babysitting course? Get CPR certified? Earn your SERV Safe certificate? The IU13 is pleased to announce Micro-Scholarships for Industry-Recognized Credentials!  This micro-scholarship opportunity (up to $500) was made possible through a grant from the Arconic Foundation. High school students who want to pursue industry-recognized credentials to prepare for future careers are encouraged to apply!  Check out the many options you can apply for. Application Deadline: May 1, 2023  

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Mock Craft Competition in March

Local Mock Competition will be held on March 3 at our facility in Manheim. The mock competition is a timed event for the 4th-year apprentices who will represent us at the National Craft Competition in Kissimmee, Florida. Our goal is to showcase the trades and highlight these apprentices, but to also provide a crowd and an atmosphere that is more like what they will encounter at the actual competition. If you are interested in attending, please reach out to the counseling office for more details.