Career Seminars


This spring we will have three Career Seminars open to students 9th-12th grade: Computing Careers, Art and Engineering portfolio, and Education. Read the descriptions and sign up for one or more at the link at the bottom of this post.

  • Careers in Aviation-Novemer 14th
  • Environmental & Energy Careers-November 17th
  • Healthcare Careers-December 6th
  • Computing Careers- Feb 16th
  • Design, Art, & Architecture-March 27th
  • Education Career- April 10th
  • Job Search via Social Media-April 12th
  • Resume Builder-April 19th
  • Career Fair for 12th graders-April 26th
  • Resources Fair-May 3rd

Computing Careers-Thursday, Feb 16th
Do you like solving problems? Are you interested in a financially stable career and making a difference in the world? Consider a career in Computer Science or Information Technology. On Thursday, February 16th We will be having a Career Seminar on computing careers at 9:30 in the auditorium.  Our presenters will be:

Dr, Nazli Hardy, Computer Science Professor at Millersville University
Elyse Ewing, Director of Software Development, KnowWho, Inc.
Shelby Foster, Professional Development & Training, PMSD
Mel Wall Software Developer, The Industrial Resolution
Bri Piccari, Graphic & Interactive Designer, AIGA

We will also have two current Penn Manor High School students to share about why they are interested in computer science and share what opportunities they are pursuing.

Following the career seminar there will be an opportunity for high school girls interested in computing careers to attend a mixer during homeroom with our panelist and other professionals in computing careers.

Career Seminar on Design (Art & Architecture) March, 27th
Several college majors require a portfolio as a part of the admissions process. If you are interested in architecture, fine arts, photography, Fashion and Design, Commerical/Graphic Arts, Civil Engineering or other majors which might require a portfolio, than this career seminar is for you.

  • Lee Lovett, a local artist currently highlight artist at Red Raven Gallery
  • Larry Levato from CRA Architects
  • Shauna Frischkorn, Professor of Art/Photography at Millersville University

will be here with other professionals to share about the portfolio process and various careers.

Education Careers-April 10th
Come learn about education careers beyond typical K-12 teachers you have interacted with so far in your careers.

  • Raeann Harmon, PhD,  Messiah College Family and Consumer Science
  • Chester Holland IV, MPA, CNP, Doctoral Student at University of Delaware School of Public Policy and Administration
  • Millersville Color of Teaching Mentoring Program, college students will share why they are going into education.

More speakers about education careers in adult education and high education are being scheduled.

Students, Sign-up for one or more of these career seminars here:


2015-2016 Career Seminars: 

September: College Application Focus Session

October: Preparing for Education Day,

  • Katy Ferrier, Millersville University

December 17th: Computer, Information Technology

  • Charlie Reisinger, Technology Director at Penn Manor School District
  • George Stephanis, Lead Programmer for WordPress
  • Nazli Hardy, MBA, PhD.,  Professor of Computer Science at Millersville University

February 18th: Creative Arts and Communication

  • Barbara Roda, Executive Editor of LNP
  • Laura Korzon, Professional Illustrator
  • Josh Seibert, Fig Industries Designer

March 17th: Health Care and Wellness

  • Lancaster Physical Therapy Representative
  • Dr. Karen Dielmann, PA College of Health Science, Health Care Administration

April 14th: Guest Speakers from Red Hat

  • Ruth Suehle and Tom Callaway will be joining us from Red Hat, a multi-national open source technology company providing services to 90% of Fortune 500 companies: and Tom authored the book  Raspberry Pi Hacks. Ruth and Tom have extensive experience with programming, 3D printing, and physical computing. Typically, they focus on university outreach and education, so we are very excited they are visiting Penn Manor High School.

April 21st: Food Science and Service Industry