Free Zoom Workshop: Safe Communities “Are You Asking the Right Questions?”

Summertime is approaching and many caregivers are registering their children for summer camps and special summer programs. This will likely introduce your child to new friends, new adults, and new places. About 80-90 percent of sexual abuse is committed by someone the child and parent know and trust. It’s important to ensure the camp, program, church, or organization has the proper policies and practices in place to keep your child safe. The good news is that there are ways we can do this. Join Safe Communities for a free virtual workshop to learn the specific questions every parent or caregiver must ask regarding policies, procedures, and training before enrolling their child in a summer program and what the answers should be. Learn why background checks and training on mandated reporting, while important, do little to prevent abuse. As the caretaker of a child, you have the right to know what procedures are used by any place that you entrust your kids to, and it’s about making sure you are asking all the right questions.The workshop will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, May 30th from 6:30PM-7:45PM. A recording link will be sent to those registered after the workshop for those who cannot attend live. Facilitator: Mark Harris, Assistant Director **This Free workshop was generously sponsored by the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office** Registration Required.