Interested in the Military?

Attention students: This a message from recruiter Seigle
🥇Pennsylvania Army National Guard🥇


🚀Right now The Pennsylvania Army National Guard is offering the following benefits 

🔥$20k Sign on bonus (based on specific job criteria and eligibility requirements).  

🔥100 % Paid tuition while attending Pennsylvania’s 14 State and Community Colleges or equivalent of $4,097 per semester for higher education institutions who are privately owned.

🔥$50k present and future STUDENT LOAN REPAYMENT- Can be used for living expenses due to tuition having already been paid by Pennsylvania’s Educational Assistance Grant. 

🔥$734 (Montgomery GI Bill and Kicker) monthly tax free stipend while enrolled in an institution full-time.

🔥Monthly paycheck

🔥Monthly Tax Free Stipend + Monthly Pay Check = Upwards of $900-950 MONTHLY‼️

🔥Low Cost Health Insurance