Juniors- Time to Take Action Steps

Juniors are encouraged to continue thinking about their plans for after High School and now is the time to take action steps.  Setting up visits to schools, registering for the SAT and ACT, and obtaining letters of recommendation are a few things to work on.  
    Please take the time to watch the video and to reach out to your School Counselor if you have any questions.  Junior Information Video

Go to this site which includes a short video about how to interpret your SAT scores.  SAT Interpretation  from the College Board.

Reach out to your School Counselor to set up your Junior Meeting if you haven’t already done so:

Brandy Basile Last Names starting with A-De
Dana Wile Last Names starting with Df-Hh
Gail Ulmer Last Names starting with Hi-Mm
Marjean Long Last Names starting with Mn-Sc
Rhoda Snyder  Last Names starting with Sd-U
Melissa Ostrowski  Last Names starting with V-Z