PA Career Tools and Information

What are the most in-demand careers in PA?  How much will I make in my first job?  Should I attend a 4-year college or university?  What will obtaining a degree really cost me?  What are all my options after high school graduation? As you process these questions and more, PA Chamber Foundation has resources to help.

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The tools and information available on the Start the Conversation Here website are FREE and designed to help students make informed decisions that lead to future success.  On the site, you will find an array of valuable information including:

  • Insight into the 33 most in-demand careers in Pennsylvania.
  •  A career calculator designed to help students and parents understand the financial implications of their desired career path – from expected entry level salaries and estimated college expenses to the length of time it will take to be debt-free following their educational investment.
  • Details on work ethic scholarships that are available to Pennsylvania students entering into the skilled trades.  Thanks to generous donations from the Pennsylvania business community, the mikeroweWORKS Foundation in partnership with the Pennsylvania Chamber Educational Foundation has already awarded nearly $275,000 in work ethic scholarships to 112 Pennsylvania students. Hear some of their success stories here.