Pittsburgh University Bridge Program: 10 ways to stand out as a college applicant

Are you looking to gain a competitive edge on your classmates when apply for college? If so Pittsburgh University through a program called The Bridge: College Prep & Leadership Academy is here to help make that happen. The Bridge program will be held this summer from July 9-14 and is a total of $800. During your time at The Bridge you will receive individualized skill training with college preparation materials, be involved in small group discussion to align your preferences with college programs, gain valuable insight in areas of leadership development, and learn how to maximize your college experience. With limited space available students must have there application in and a $200 dollar deposit few paid for by July 1st. The Bridge: College Prep & Leadership Academy can be contacted by phone at (412)-648-7831 or email PittBridge@pitt.edu. For more information on the program and payment requirements visit their website here.

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