Admissions Decision Day’s Added to 2016 calendar

Penn Manor School Counselors have schedule two more Admissions Decision Days for 2016 for applicants starting college in 2017-2018.

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Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)  Tuesday, November 8th

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Students may apply in-person on November 8th or apply ahead of time online.

Students should also sign-up with the PMHS School Counseling office ahead of time and the School Counselors will give IUP his/her transcripts and SAT/ACT scores directly

You do not need to pay the application fee.  Check off the “waiver” box to waive the application fee. Signing up online with the PMHS Counseling office for this event serves as your waiver.

West Chester University of Pennsylvania Thursday, December 1st


Students must apply online  by November 21st to be considered for the December 1st Admissions Decision Day.


Students should also sign-up with the PMHS School Counseling office ahead of time and the School Counselors will give WCUPA his/her transcripts and SAT/ACT scores directly.

Please note, students applying to WCU for nursing, pre-med,athletic training, or respiratory care programs will not be able to get instant admissions due to the dual application review process.

Recommended for WCU: GPA 3.0 or higher, ACT Score 22 or higher, SAT Score 1120 or higher (1040 or higher if taken before 2016).

What is I Admissions Decision Day? 

Admissions Decision Day means that a student will meet one-on-one with an Admissions rep here at Penn Manor High School. During this one-on-one meeting the student will find out if he/she got into the university. *Art and Music Majors will require an additional review process. In that case, the Admissions rep at the event will explain the process to the students and provide feedback on their application. Dress nicely for the event, you will be meeting with the admissions representatives. Dress to impress!

Sign online up with the PHMS Counseling office at the link  at least a week before the event (see deadlines above). You only need to sign up online once and mark all schools you will be applying to.

Application Tips:

  1. Dress clean and professionally on the day of the event to meet with the admissions reps
  2. Bring a copy of your first marking period report card and/or letters of recommendations if you need that additional competitive edge or need to supplement for low grades in the past.

Test Scores: If you already have your test results, the PMHS Counselors will provide it if you have signed-up online. If you are schedule to take them in the future, please Request your SAT through and/or ACT scores through

Transcripts: If you have signed up online, the PMHS Counselors will provide it to the college if you have signed-up online.