Dual Enrollment Instructions for Millersville University

Please Note– MU Starts on August 19, 2024! This is a week before Penn Manor begins. You MUST be available to attend the week of August 19th in order to take a Fall 2024 course at MU.

Millersvillle University offers two types of Programs. The first is traditional Dual Enrollment, which is at 50% the tuition cost of regular education and the student is a Penn Manor Student just taking a course or two at Millersville University through the Dual Enrollment Process below. Students who do this route pick their own classes from those eligible. Another program Millersville University has started is an “Early Enrollment Pathway” hosted by the Lombardo College of Business. This is a free cohort-based program students do in 11th and 12th-grade years.

First: Read Online Instructions

Second: Choose the course

  • Use the list provided on the online instructions and the Millersville web schedule.  Write down the 5-digit CRN number and the course title and number.

Third: Apply online.

  • Download your transcript from Sapphire. Go to your Community Portal, click on reports and transcript.
  • Upload your Transcript to the MU Application
  • Upload SAT or ACT score report
  • Choose Melissa Ostrowski as the dual enrollment coordinator/school counselor
  • Only choose the course you want to enroll in. If there is a lab and lecture for the course, be sure to select both in the appropriate sections.

Fourth: Submit “Millersville Transcript Release” form to Penn Manor School Counselors.

  • If a student does not do this step, the course may not count as high school credit
  • Submit this within a week of applying to Millersville. Copies of these forms are in the yellow-folder in the school counselors office and electronically on the application. You can submit it on paper or attach it to your proof of enrollment in step 5.

Fifth: Submit Proof of Enrollment

  • Once you have paid for and are officially enrolled in the course, submit proof of enrollment to your assigned school counselor for your Penn Manor schedule to be adjusted and count the MU course for credit. T
  • This proof may be a copy of your emailed enrollment notification or a screenshot of your Millersville MAX account enrollment. The student may take a screenshot of the class schedule and upload to the link on the counseling blog Dual Enrollment page as proof of enrollment.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All MU Dual Enrollment students must attend a required Orientation in person at MU. This is typically held the first week of August and there is a morning and afternoon session. Check the student’s personal email for the information about the orientation and sign up for a session.

Final Grades: Penn Manor will get a copy of your transcripts from Millersville; however, the timeliness of this does not always match with Penn Manors report card schedule. You should email a screenshot of your final grade from your MU MAX account to your school counselor to make sure the grade is recorded promptly.

    Please see your school counselor if you have any questions.