The Guidance department uses Xello as a tool to help students achieve success. Xello is an award-winning interactive program that puts the student at the center of their planning. Students will build their self-knowledge, explore their options and create a plan for their future.

Xello is easily accessed through the student’s home (Speed Dial) page. Look for the Xello button at the bottom of the page. Students should be automatically signed in. If requested to verify your log-in do so using your Google login information (Penn Manor email and password.)

  • Penn Manor has a Graduation Project for all high school students. This project is a key component to helping students be prepared for their next steps. Students utilize Xello to complete a large portion of their project. Click here for more information and instructions to the Graduation Project.
  • Students can also use Xello to track college applications and send requests for letters of recommendation.
  • Transcript requests can also be made through Xello.
  • Here are directions on how to link your Common Application to XELLO

Students have access to their Xello account for 5 years after graduation, but only by adding a personal email account. Here is how to add an email:

  1. In Xello, click the Avatar/Icon up in the right corner.
  2. Click on “Account.”
  3. In the “Personal” section, add an email address other than the school email.
  4. Follow up by validating that address through the email that will be sent. 

(Note- this changes the primary email address for Xello. Password resets will be sent to both email addresses.)