October Mathletes!

The Monthly Mathlete award is given to one career prep student, one college prep student, and one honors student every month. These students are nominated and chosen by the Math Department on the basis of their hard work and leadership in the math classroom. They will have their pictures posted in the Math Wing for the month and will each receive a coupon for a free MTO at Sheetz.

Abby Stoner is receiving this award because she has been a model student in her CP Algebra 1 class. She is responsible, exceeds the expectations for the course, and is always one of the first students to answer or ask questions. Most importantly, she has a great attitude and is respectful to her teacher and her classmates. She currently has one of the highest grades in the class for the first marking period and will hopefully continue her success into the second marking period.

Ashley Sanchez is receiving this award as a result of her diligence and hard work in Intro Algebra 1C. She has been faithful in completing every assignment  promptly and accurately, and has regularly submitted her weekly reviews early to get them checked. Ashely takes on challenges and optional assignments that exceed the requirements of her class to deepen her understanding of concepts. Keep striving for excellence in everything you do and keep up your positive attitude, Ashley, and you will go far!

Julianne West is receiving this award because she works quietly and diligently in class every day in Honors Calculus. She consistently has your homework completed, and she are so very willing to work with any student, regardless of their ability, earning much gratitude from her teacher. She currently has earned a 95% in Honors Calculus which reflects her work ethic and her intuitive
thinking. Her teacher has confidence in her ability to be successful in an AP level course next year.