How To Do A Karate Low Block

First, make an X with your forearms. Then, step forward with your left foot. After that, make fists with both of your hands. Next, bring one of your arms down to your knee, but make sure that your knee and your arms are not touching. Finally, bend your front leg and straighten your back leg and bend your back arm. Now you know how to do a Low Block!



How to frost a cake

First,begin by baking the cake. Now,weight for the cake to cool. Meanwhile,do the same thing to the other cake. Then,brush the crumbs off the cakes. Then,take the cakes out of the pans. Finally,frost both of the cakes,then put your topping on top


How to do morning routines

First, I wake up next, put your clothes. Then, I brush my teeth now, put on your shoes. Finally, I watch TV then leave to the bus stop. Now, you are on the bus. Then, you are at school. Now ,you unpack your backpack then pick a sit to sit.Now, do your sign up for lunch. Finally, get ready for class! Enjoy class!