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My name is Elaine. I am in 3 grade. I live in Lancaster, PA in the U.S.A. and I love to spend time with my family and in the summer my family will go to a theme park. What is your favorite theme park? My favorite colors are blue and purple  and my family like to roller skate.

3 thoughts on “About the blogger

  1. Hello Elaine,
    Roller Skating is fun but I am too old. If I fall I will break a leg. I love Knobels theme park. It’s old fashioned like me. They have the BEST candy apples at Knobles. Hershey park is fun too but it gets very crowded. My family likes to go to the mountains and hike in the woods.

  2. Hi Elaine! This is Ms. Lutz in 5th grade. I like roller skating, too. I’m not so great at it though. I haven’t been to Knobels but it sounds like I should go!

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