School Policies

Penn Manor School Policies/Forms

  • We have read and understand the policies listed below. By checking and providing my name, we agree to abide by them.
    I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the Penn Manor School District Agreement for Laptop Use Agreement, Responsible Use of Internet and Network Resources Policy, Bullying/CyberBullying Policy and District-Issued Laptops: Student Use, Rights and Responsibilities Policy:
    STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN understand that it is the School District’s desire to provide all students with a laptop for in-school and out-of-school use to enhance the educational experience for all students. STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN, however, do not want the responsibility of safeguarding the laptop for out-of-school use and, therefore, consent to the use of the laptop for in-school use only. The Student is still responsible for safeguarding the laptop while in its possession, but will be given a place to store the laptop at the end of each school day. As long as Student returns the laptop at the end of each school day, STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN shall not be responsible for out-of-school damage to the laptop. All parties understand that this addendum supercedes and contrary language in the Agreement for District laptop use.
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