Noll Newsflash 12/9/18

 4 Items:

*Some parents are requesting teacher gift items from the wreaths hung in the hallways in the lobby. If you want me to send a “star” item home with your child, please let me know! Thanks for helping supply our classroom with useful items. These are gifts that your child gets to enjoy also and are very much appreciated!

**PM kindergarten has book exchange on Tuesday, 12/11.

***Please remember to send in absence excuses when your child is absent from school for any reason. Also, if you plan a trip, please get a trip request form from the office for prior approval. Thanks!

****Keep working on segmenting words with your child – c-a-t (sounds), practicing sight words, and working on recognizing, counting, and writing the teen numbers. Remind your child to keep following the classroom rules and show extra courtesy to others during this month. Central Manor’s December theme is courtesy and respect. We are squeezing in academics along with some fun holiday themed activities!

Noll Newsletter 12/2/18

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the busy and festive month of December! We will continue to grow our language arts and math skills as well as learn about holiday traditions around the world!

At home, please practice sight words and work at segmenting short consonant-vowel-consonant words like “cat” by saying the sound of each letter and then blending it together into the word. The students will be tested on both these skills in early January. Teen numbers are our focus in math; please practice counting these correctly and also writing the numerals. Together we build these beginning math and reading skills!

The December book order is due this Friday, December 7th, so we have time to place the order and get the books to you in time for the holiday break. Please let me know if your order is a gift for your child! We have ways to get it to you without him/her knowing!

AM Parents: Please make sure you have the placard visible in your car when picking up your child at 11:35. We use various aides and substitutes so you will be asked to show ID if it is not visible. Safety first; thanks!

Also for AM parents: The students filled the marble container and will enjoy a Toy Day on Tuesday, December 4th. Your child may bring in a small toy that fits in his/her backpack. It should be something your child is willing to share with others for a fun playtime together!

Book exchange for AM is Wednesday, December 5th.

Thanks for your birthday wishes and support to me as a teacher. My husband is having some health concerns so I may be out a day here and there as needed. The children have been doing a good job overall with subs and I am encouraging them to be helpers and flexible when I am not with them!

If you think of it, send in a label or two of something your child can read! We are building our reading skills from words, to sentences, to short books that we’ll start sending home after the new year!

Happy December,

Mrs. Noll.      872-1401. X3232

Noll Newsflash 11/26/18

4  Items:

*PM kinders will have book exchange on Thursday, 11/29.

**LOOK what I can read: Please look around your home for labels from cereal boxes, toys, magazine ads for words your child can “read”. We’re making a bulletin board displaying all the words we recognize! Examples are: Cheerios, Band-aids, Jif, Skittles, etc. Send them in any day!!

***Please send a heavy coat with your child just in case we head outside for a break!

****School is back in session, tomorrow, November 27th. See you then!

Noll Newsletter 11/18/18

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to winter weather and modified kindergarten schedule in kindergarten! Please stay tuned into the school blogs, text messages, radio, or TV when the snow flies! Penn Manor is geographically large and includes the river hills in the southern end. Safety is priority and it doesn’t take much to warrant a change in the schedule!

WRAP parents: If the students come in with a delay, WRAP is still available. If the whole school dismisses early and PM kindergarten does not attend, there is NO WRAP. Please make alternate plans for your child.

Here are modified kindergarten times:

AM: 11:00-12:45

PM:  1:45-3:30

I have been working on conference follow-up questions, concerns, and learning plans! If this applies to you, I’ll get information to you soon. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions/concerns!

If you haven’t had a conference with me, please contact me for a phone conference at a time that suits you or call between 11:45 AM and 12:30 PM any day and I’ll be happy to discuss your child’s progress. It’s important that we work as a team to support your child!

Happenings this Week:

Monday: AM Kindergarten will attend a Patriotic Shine Time at 9:05. Students are encouraged to wear their red, white, and blue. 

Tuesday: Both classes will have a Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving feast. Buttered toast, jelly beans, and pretzels. For dessert, Pumpkin Pie in a Bag. Please let me know if your child should not eat any of these foods!

Wednesday, November 21st: AM Kindergarten attends school from 9:00 – 1:30. Please fill out and return the blue paper with lunch and bus information that will come home Monday. There is NO PM kindergarten.

No School Thursday, November 22 -26. See everyone back on Tuesday, November 27. 

I am very thankful to have such an awesome group of students and supportive parents! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and time together! 

Thanksgiving blessings to you all,

Mrs. Noll

 872-1401 x3232.