Daily Archives: May 5, 2019

News 5/6-5/10

Monday, 5/6: PM Library
Friday, 5/10: PM class in session. No school for the AM class.

Alphabet Countdown…
Monday: Games
Tuesday: Hawaiian Day-Using our 5 senses to explore coconut and pineapple
Wednesday: Wear your clothes Inside out.
Thursday: Jump Ropes

Permission slips for the (PM) field trip are due by Tuesday, May 7th. The red and white paper must be completed and returned for your child to attend.

Looking Ahead…

May 10: Early Dismissal 1:30 with the PM class in session/Field Trip to the Lancaster Library
May 14: Olympic Day
May 15: Last Book Order of the year due
May 24: Weather Make Up Day/School in session
May 27: No School/Memorial Day
May 30: School Picnic 5:30-7:30
June 4: Last Day of Kindergarten (regular school hours)
June 5: Last Day Grades 1-6

What we are learning…

Math: We will finish our unit on three-dimensional shapes. We will see which ones can stack, roll, and slide. Help your child identify cubes, spheres, cylinders, and cones in your home.

Word Study: Our sight word this week is have. We will continue to work with the R-blends.

Writing: Students will write what they see after observing our new classroom butterflies. They will also create a piece about their Hawaiian Day experience.

Reading: Students will continue to be assessed with their Rainbow Words and nonsense words. We will have regular guided reading groups 2 of the 4 days this week. Allow time each evening for your child to proudly read their books to you!

Science: Last week one butterfly was born and over this past weekend two more. We are anxiously waiting for 3 more to emerge before we release them. Later in the week we will learn about the difference between living and nonliving things.

Congratulations to the PM class for filling their marble jar last week! They voted for bubbles. Our retake of bubble day (Mrs. Glassmyer’s recipe did not cooperate) went well (with store bought bubbles) and everyone had a good time.

Ice Cream Social AM