Daily Archives: May 13, 2019

News 5/13-5/17

Tuesday, 5/14: Olympic Day-(AM class) 9:15-11:15 and (PM class) 1:15-3:15. Wear blue and gold. Feel free to put sunblock on your child before sending them to school. They may bring a refillable water bottle that is not made of glass and has their name on it. There will be water stations around the activities to refill their bottles.
Wednesday, 5/15: Last book order due.
Thursday, 5/16: (PM) Library-Book return and story time.

Alphabet Countdown…
Monday: Kite Day
Tuesday: (Olympic Day)
Wednesday: Ladybugs (for Tuesday) and Movie Time
Thursday: Wear a Necktie
Friday: Wear Orange and read Outside

Looking Ahead…

May 24: Weather Make Up Day/School in session
May 27: No School/Memorial Day
May 30: School Picnic 5:30-7:30
June 4: Last Day of Kindergarten (regular school hours)
June 5: Last Day Grades 1-6

What we are learning…

Math: We will work on a 3-D shape book and begin math stations which will review concepts learned throughout the year.

Word Study: Our sight word this week is have. We will continue to work with the L-Blends and R-blends. We will begin the S-blends. Finishing up our magic “e” work, we will sort long and short vowel sound words.

Writing: Students will write what they see after observing our green bean plant. They will use their knowledge of plants to create an original piece of informational writing.

Reading: Students will continue to be assessed with their Rainbow Words and nonsense words. We will stop switching classrooms for our guided reading groups. The class will be divided into 4 reading groups that will meet every other day starting Wednesday. They will continue to practice their reading strategies, do word work, and do writing activities with their books.

Science: Last week we discussed the difference between living and non living things. This week we will identify the parts of a plant, what a plant needs, and learn about the plant life cycle. A green bean seed is growing in our classroom for observation and to make connections with these concepts.

Congratulations to the AM class for filling their marble jar last week! They voted for bubble recess.