Daily Archives: May 19, 2019

News 5/20-5/24

Wednesday, 5/22: Olympic Day-(AM class) 9:15-11:15 and (PM class) 1:15-3:15. Wear blue and gold. Feel free to put sunblock on your child before sending them to school. They may bring a refillable water bottle that is not made of glass and has their name on it. There will be water stations around the activities to refill their bottles. 
Wednesday, 5/22: (AM) Library-Book return only
Friday, 5/24: School in Session/Weather Make Up Day

Alphabet Countdown…
Monday: Wear Pajamas and have Play Doh activities
Tuesday: Bring slippers for Quite Day (wear regular shoes and bring slippers in your backpack for the classroom)
Wednesday: Olympic Day
Thursday: Bring a Rock to school and wear Silly Socks
Friday: Toy Day

Looking Ahead…

May 27: No School/Memorial Day
May 30: School Picnic 5:30-7:30
June 4: Last Day of Kindergarten (regular school hours)
June 5: Last Day Grades 1-6

What we are learning…

Math: We will practice addition and subtraction and continue our math stations which will review concepts learned throughout the year. 

Word Study: Our sight word this week is from. We will continue to work with the L-Blends and R-blends. We will begin the S-blends. Finishing up our magic “e” work, we will sort long and short vowel sound words. 

Writing: Students will practice upper and lowercase letter formation, sight words, and completing a 5 star sentence. They will use their writing strategies to complete writing prompts after our read alouds.

Reading: Students will continue to be assessed with their Rainbow Words and nonsense words. We will stop switching classrooms for our guided reading groups. The class will be divided into 4 reading groups that will meet every other day starting Wednesday. They will continue to practice their reading strategies, do word work, and do writing activities with their books. 

Science: On Play Doh activity day, students will get to make their own “fossils” and document them like a scientist after learning what fossils are and how we use them. On Rock Day we will examine our rocks and document them like a scientist after learning the characteristics of a rock and how we use rocks, minerals, and soil in the things around us everyday.

Congratulations Logan (AM) and Walker (AM) for completing the kindergarten Rainbow Words!