Virtual Valentine’s Day Video PMVS Grade 1

Excited boy with laptop and books

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Students in Penn Manor Virtual Shcool Grade 1 exchanged Valentine’s Day Greetings, viewed the video of their Valentines and played a word game in one of the Google Meets scheduled for today at 10:00am. There is another one scheduled for 1:00pm today for students of the Penn Manor Virtual School. You received the link in an email this week.

Click on Valentine’sDay20-21 above to view the video.

We read “virtually” 500 books from Epic Books!

cartoon caterpiller reading goals
500 books read by Penn Manor Virtual School First Grade 9/29/20!

Here is a “Shout Out” to all the PMVS1 students who contributed to reading 500 books on the Epic Book site. That is 107 hours of reading time!

Adeline, Allison, Alvin, Ares, Ariana. Athan, Bodhi, Brixton, Brooke, Emery, Emily,

Evelyn S., Gabe, Jimmy, Kaylee, Kinley, Koltin, Lana, Lincoln, Nathan, Nora, Olivia, Parker,

Rylee, Scarlet, Shanti, and Trish!

Keep up the great work!

First Grade Flexibility and Friday FYI

Good Morning,

At Penn Manor Virtual School first grade, we have students at virtually several stages of pacing between just starting the program as new students, some finishing up Module 1 and others working on Module 2.

In an effort to attempt to satisfy virtually all students, I am offering Module 2 Spelling Test today at 12:30 (as I said we would have spelling tests on Fridays) and Tuesday at 6:00pm. You will have received the Google Meet invitation sent at 7:10 this morning and you will be able to make your choice. Please remember to check you student’s email frequently.

The student synchronous session are continuing for Module 1, and I enjoy interacting with my students very much. I will be revamping the synchronous sessions schedule in the near future and will keep you posted about changes. Module 2 requests for “synch sessions” will be handled next week with the new scheduling change.

Please be flexible as I try to make some procedures and processes “First Grade Friendly” for my first grade students and learning coaches. Thank you for all you effort in learning how to become more successful with Accelerate Education procedures, especially submitting the assignments correctly.

Have a great “grate-ful” day,

Mrs. Shover

Reading Resources

Good Morning PMVS Learning Coaches and Students!

A new tab has been added to the blog “Reading Resources.” Please check this out and read

through my recommendations for this time in first grade. New resources may be added from time to time.

Today, we will continue math and reading assessments through Google Meet scheduled times.

These are being scheduled on a first come basis. If you had a time assigned and missed the Google Meet, you will be assigned another time after those that are being scheduled for the first time. Please only email once to request an assessment and I will get to you.

Please refer to the “Resources” section of Module 1, Learning Coaches tab.

Thank you for all your hard work learning the process of this program. Enjoy your time reading with you child.

First week in First

Thank you for all your hard work, patience, understanding, positive attitudes and flexibility!

This was truly a first, first in first! First week in the first online class in first grade!

A new “page” on our blog has been added for the procedure to Submit Student Work. Click on this tab under the header for detailed procedures for the remaining modules, starting with Module 2 next week.

Please always use your student email account at to check for information and to submit work to the drop-box.

I will continue doing reading assessments and start math assessments in the future. Google

Meet invitations will be sent to student email addresses.

Have a good weekend!

Reading Assessments

Good Morning,

Today we will continue scheduling and conducting reading assessments in 15 minute slots.

All students who have requested an assessment to be scheduled will receive an invitation to a

Google Meet on their Penn Manor email addresses. In the comments section of the invitation there will be a schedule with the time you should “join” the Google Meet. Each student will read a couple of passages that I will share on the screen. It is wonderful to get to see and read with all the students. If the scheduled time does not work for you, please let me know as soon as possible and you will be rescheduled for a later time or date.

Thank you! Mrs. Shover

Google Meet Guidelines & Video Tutorial

You will receive a Google Meet invitation for the first day of school in an email.  Google Hangouts & Meets will appear in the checkerboard on the right of the screen when you go to Look for the video icon. Included below is a YouTube video tutorial.

Please read through the guidelines before you click on the link and join the meeting.

Since this will be our first Google Meet, it will just be an introduction to the class and schedules. The purpose is to allow students and learning coaches to see the teacher and listen to important topics. We are all learning how to navigate the Accelerated Ed. platform. There are videos listed on the Penn Manor Virtual School (PMVS) blog that are very informative. If you have personal questions, please address those in an email to me and I will help and support you throughout the course.

Time schedule for students from each home school:

Conestoga and Martic 10:00

Central Manor and Eshleman 10:30

Hambright 11:00

Pequea and Letort 11:30

  • Set the stage. Parents must be present during the Meet.  When the video function is enabled, we are basically looking into your home.  Please be sure that all family members are clothed and the background is suitable for viewing.
  • Quiet on the Set.  When someone talks or makes noise, you will see their picture on the screen.  You can imagine with a bunch of kids all in separate homes, there will likely be a lot of noises (dogs barking, siblings talking, microwaves beeping, etc.) which will make the screen keep jumping.
  • Microphone Icon – Please mute your microphone by clicking the microphone icon on the bottom of your screen. To talk, turn the microphone on and then turn it off when you have finished.  If you are on a computer and don’t see it, hover your mouse arrow near the bottom and a gray stripe will pop up. 
  • Video Camera Icon – If you want to turn your video off, you can click the video camera at the bottom of the screen.  You will still see and hear the meeting but you will not show up on the screen.
  • Phone Icon – If you wish to leave the meeting, you click the red phone at the bottom. Please join the meeting at the designated time for your home school and leave before the next meeting begins.
  • Chat box – If you have a question for me at any time about how to navigate something, there is a chat box on the right margin also.  If you type in that box, it will pop up and I can answer your question.
  • Remember that this is a school event. If you wouldn’t say it or post it in the classroom, you should not say it or post it here. Be respectful and patient as we are all learning how to navigate this new way of learning .