Memory, Meet & Misc.

Memory . . .

Please join us via the Google Meet invitation for our last day of school

2019-2020! Please remember that this may mark the end of our wonderfully wacky

first grade year, but is the beginning of a new adventure in second grade.

If you email your completed Memory Book by the end of the

day tomorrow, I will present it at our Google Meet. You may choose to just talk

and share some of the highlights of the year that you wrote in your book.

Meet . . .

Meet the second grade teachers on video introductions that will be available on my blog

page under “Sensational Second Grade Teachers.”

Misc. . . .

Report cards are now being uploaded to Sapphire and a hardcopy mailed on June 3, 2020.

Yearbook will be handed out next year when the school receives the


Jump Rope for Heart -♥️ 💙 💛💜 💚 Please see Mr. Binkley next school year.

CM Showcase Video

I have been asked to post this “Final Friday Friendly Reminder”

End of Year Showcase Video Everyone has been working so hard and we would love to see what else you’ve been doing at home. We are planning to create a video by grade level and have students showcase themselves however they would like to be showcased.  So, your child could share a video or picture of themselves with their sheep, their new hens, or the cool science video they created for an assignment! This will also allow kids to see their peers across the entire grade level and will be a great way to end the year with a final farewell! Please email photos or videos to your grade level point person by Friday May 15. Thank you for your support!

Point person(s) for each grade level:

K- Send to your child’s respective teacher

1- Send to your child’s respective teacher

2- Mrs. Mader →

3- Mrs. Treier →

4- Send to your child’s respective teacher

5- Mrs. O’Donnell → 

6- Mr. Kersic → 

Have a wonderful weekend!

CM End of Year Video

Dear Parents and Guardians,

If you would like to include a picture of your student in the Central Manor End of Year Video, please email the picture to me. This is an optional activity and is designed to highlight students during the last months of the school year. Please submit your photos, which can be some of the adorable remote learning assignment pictures, by the end of the day today.

Thank you!

PM – Parents Matter

Thank you for all do,
For teaching material that is new.
Thank you for supporting and caring,
For photographing and sharing.
Thank you for listening to all the grunts and groans,
For hiding the grimaces and muffling the moans.
Thank for rolling up your sleeves and jumping in,
Without YOU learning at home would not begin!
–Mrs. Shover

Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday, April 20, 2020

Math → Measurement: Comparing Length using Shorter and Longer  

Over the next two days, we are going to be working on comparing the length of objects using the words shorter and longer.  You have two options. Please choose what works best for you.    

Option #1: Either click here to go to a powerpoint on measuring and work through the powerpoint over the next two days.  This is work for Monday and Tuesday. The powerpoint has some extras, so option #1 will likely take longer than option #2.        


Option #2: Watch the Youtube video on length.

Now find 2 things in your house. Compare the 2 objects using the word shorter.  Example: The crayon is shorter than the ruler. Now pick 2 different objects and do the same thing using the word longer. Example: The pencil is longer than the paperclip. 

Answer the questions on the worksheet below.    

There are no activities to turn in for math today!   

ELA→ Long o words with a silent e

Watch Mrs. Appel’s Lesson by clicking here or visiting   

For this video you will need something to write with and something to write on (paper, whiteboard, pencil, marker, etc.).

After watching the video, review your words below:

High Frequency Words Spelling Words

brown loudly home rope

city love hope rode

hello pulled rose those

like nine

right walk

Write your words creatively and send a picture to your teacher. This could be using chalk, crayons, shaving cream…. However you would like!

Watch the following video on long vowels and silent e as a review.

Science → Plant Life Cycle Google Slides

Listen to the powerpoint on the plant life cycle by clicking here or visiting

Parents, you can click on the speaker button and the slides will be read to your child. 

There are no activities to turn in for science today!   

April 17, 2020

Grade 1 Learning Activities will be posted each day starting next week. I had requests for the activities for this week since they were taken down and next week’s activities posted already.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Math → Neighborhood Number Stories

For this activity you will create addition and subtraction number stories about things you see in your neighborhood. 

Step #1: Make a list of 3 different things that you can count around your neighborhood (e.g. dogs, blue cars, bicycles). Make a chart to show how many times you see each thing.

Step #2: Use the data you collect to write and solve at least two addition and two subtraction number stories. One addition number story should include three addends. Example: On Monday I counted 25 red cars, 32 black cars and 6 motorbikes on my way home from school. How many vehicles did I see in all? 25 + 32 + 6 = ? 

Step #3:  Record your number stories using pictures, words, and equations. Show how you solved each number story. 

Watch this video for some ideas:

*Send your teacher a picture or scan of your number stories and equations.  You can also have an adult help you type and send them.  

ELA → Main Idea and Key Detail Practice

Choose your favorite book to read independently or out loud to a parent/guardian, sibling, or pet!

Read the main idea and create three details to support it.

Main idea: School is fun!

Detail 1:

Detail 2:

Detail 3:

*Send your main idea and details to your teacher. Make sure to include the title of the book.  

Science →  Fun Friday Experiment: Elephant Toothpaste

Every Friday will be FUN FRIDAY EXPERIMENT! 

Using the scientific method we created an experiment, Elephant Toothpaste, for you to watch or try at home with parents/guardians permission. 

Watch the experiment:

Try the experiment:  

Here are the supplies you will need if you are doing this at home:

  • 1 large jar or large water bottle 
  • 1 lid to an aluminum pan, large pot, or large bucket to contain reaction
  • Small amount of dish soap (any brand will work)
  • 2-3 drops of food coloring (any color)
  • 2 teaspoons of yeast
  • 6 tablespoons of warm water
  • 1 ½ cups of hydrogen peroxide
  • Goggles / sunglasses

Place the jar/bottle into the container. Pour hydrogen peroxide into the container and add 2-3 drops of food coloring. Add a small squeeze of dish soap and mix together. 

Put on your goggles/sunglasses! 

In a separate container add the yeast to the warm water and mix until dissolved. Pour the yeast/water mixture into the jar/bottle and watch the reaction take place! 

ELA extra → Practice the following sight words by playing tic tac toe!  Simply make a tic-tac-toe board and use a word instead of X and another word instead of O.   

buy, carry, money, other, paint, paper, would

*You can even do it with the review spelling words:

hand, handle, wig, wiggle, single, little, turn, girl, by, room

Link to Learning

Click on the link above to go directly to the First Grade Online Learning Resources page!

It was wonderful to see all the students and parents at our Google Meet today! All the “Hellos” and “smiles” were priceless. Thank you again parents for supporting your students as we could not get through this without you! I appreciate all you are doing to continue learning through this extraordinary time.

I was glad to hear that many of you are

  • exploring nature around you,
  • jumping on trampolines,
  • riding bikes,
  • fishing,
  • collecting girl scout cookies and goodies for our health care workers
  • collecting pet supplies for local pet pantries
  • reading
  • saving baby bunnies
  • giving dead frogs a burial
  • doing arts and crafts
  • cutting grass with scissors
  • playing with brothers and sisters
  • doing XtraMath
  • helping Moms and Dads around the house
  • reading on Razkids
  • playing video games
  • and most importantly do the online learning activities
  • and more!

We will have a Google Meet each week and will change the time of the meeting to try to accommodate different work schedules. Stay tuned for details and keep up the great work!