PMVS verification of email

Here is the procedure for verifying your student email with Buzz and Accelerate Education.

Verify your email in Accelerate ED

Students and Parents, please verify your email in Accelerate Ed.

Use your student email account. It is important that you do this before April.

Follow these steps:

1: Log in to Genius as usual and go to the Buzz platform for Accelerate Education (Students.)

2: Once in Buzz, click the drop-down arrow by your profile (top right corner of the screen) and click “settings.”

3: In the settings screen, you will see a message in red stating your account email is unverified. Click “Send Code.” 

4: Go to the inbox for the email account linked to buzz. There should be an email from Buzz with a one-time code to use.

5: Copy the code and go back to the Buzz platform. Paste the code in the “Email verification” box that should have opened and click “Verify.”

6: Save your settings by clicking “Save” in the top right corner of your screen.