Summer of 2021 Resources

Students, Guardians, and Parents,

First off, I am incredibly excited for the start of the 2021/2022 school year. I know this last year and a half has been a challenge for families and teachers alike. I’m excited to see what our class will be able to accomplish when starting this year as one complete class family together in one room.

For the summer, I’ve put together two resources to help keep your child on top of their academic game as they head into their 6th grade school year. The first is a website where I will be posting an article a day, on weekdays, all summer long. Each article will have a question for students to consider. Students can discuss the question with someone at home or they can email me their thoughts on the article and I will respond back.

Article A Day Summer Challenge

The second tool is the Get Ready Course for 6th Grade on Khan Academy. Khan has identified the key skills students will need for the upcoming grade. Your child should already have a Khan Academy account but if he or she does not, please let me know and I’d be happy to help him or her setup one up.

Get Ready Course for Grade 6

Have a great summer and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns or thoughts for the upcoming school year.

Virtual Wednesday

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our first full virtual class session. Students can access our virtual classroom via Google Classroom. There is already a post in Google Classroom with a schedule and video instructions for how to join the Google Meet.

  1. I will be available for student questions from 9:00-9:15.
  2. We will have an ELA (reading/writing) lesson at 9:15-10:15.
  3. Students will have a 15 minute break to use the restroom, stretch, and ask me any questions they might have.
  4. At 10:30 we will have a math lesson from 10:30 to 11:30.
  5. During the afternoon I will be available for questions from students or to assist students as necessary. After this first Virtual Wednesday, students may have scheduled times to meet with me virtually for small group or individualized instruction. Since this is our first time, we are keeping it simple with our two one hour sessions.

As always, email with any questions you might have and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

First Day Assignments

Students, I am excited to begin this 2020/2021 school year adventure with you. Hopefully, by now, you have received a letter from me in the mail. If you are looking to complete my beginning of the year survey click this link.

This week’s schedule will have all A Group students physically attending school on Monday and Wednesday while B Group students will be physically attending school on Tuesday and Thursday.

However, you will have virtual assignments to complete on the days you are not physically present in the classroom. If you are in the B Group, that means that you will be completing an assignment even before you meet me in school.

Therefore, I have put together a video to explain how you will complete your assignment for the first day of school. First, you must join my google classroom. To do so, click on the link below to join my Google Classroom. You will need to enter your Penn Manor email and password. Remember, your password is your Student ID number followed by If you do not know your email or password, please email me at


Next, watch the video below where I walk you through how to complete your first virtual day assignment. This first assignment is short and straightforward since we are only just getting started. Know that in the future, much more will be expected of you on your virtual days (so don’t get used to it 😉 ).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at I will get back to you as soon as I can to make sure you get setup. Regardless, do not stress about this first assignment. We are ALL in this together and I will make sure that everyone is able to successfully complete this first assignment. I look forward to seeing all of you this week.

August Resources

Thank you for taking the time to check out a few of the resources I’ve put together for your child as we head into the last month of summer. Below you’ll find a link to each of the resources I mentioned in my back to school letter. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to meet in a Google Meet so that I can help you and your child access the resources, do not hesitate to email me at

Move Up Day/ Meet Mr. Bodde Video

2020/2021 Parent Survey

2020/2021 Student Survey

August Reading Challenge

Khan Academy

How to Get Started with Khan Academy

Over the next two weeks my blog will be getting a significant facelift as I work to update resources and organize it in such a way as to help both you and your child have access to everything you need to be successful this year.

Student Survey 2020/2021

I’m excited that each of you will be a part of my 6th-grade classroom for the 2020/2021 school year. Below you’ll find a link to a survey that will aid me in planning and preparing for our school year. Please be honest and know that any information you share with me will only serve to help adjust my instruction to better meet your classroom needs. Thank you for taking the time and have a wonderful summer.

Student Survey 2020/2021

6th Grade Celebration

Our 6th grade celebration is live. While we were unable to do a traditional graduation ceremony for our 6th graders, we wanted to make our online celebration as close to what would have normally taken place. As such, you will see a message from Dr. Cox, Mrs. Kinderwater and myself. Additionally, I’ve put together a video which lets the students take a trip down memory lane as they see their classmates grow before their very eyes. Finally, the Eshleman family wanted to celebrate our 6th graders so there is a final video of shoutouts from our faculty and staff. Thank you for a great year. Have a restful and relaxing summer.

(Please click the link below to visit our specially designed 6th grade celebration website)

Our 6th Grade Celebration