Moving Forward

Parents and Guardians, 

Thank you for your patience during this time. I pray you and your families are safe, healthy, and finding ways of making the best of this difficult situation. Over the past week, educators in the district have only known what has been shared on the district site and so we also have been watching and waiting to see what the current events mean for our classrooms and students. We were also directed to wait on providing resources, lessons, and assignments to students and families while the district determined the next steps it wanted to take. Thankfully, we are going to be able to provide educational opportunities for your child in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, educators received an email sharing that we are going to be attending an in-service for the remainder of this week in an effort to put together resources for our students during this extended time away from the classroom. I am currently waiting for instruction from administrators about what this looks like moving forward. Look for news from the district, Dr. Cox and myself over the next several days as to what steps the district will be taking to provide educational opportunities for your child. 

In the meantime, while I am not technically assigning anything to your child, if he or she is hoping to submit their podcast to NPR’s student podcast competition, the deadline has been extended to May 1st. Additionally, Khan Academy is always a great resource for continuing to develop his or her math skills. 

Finally, as a way of connecting with our Eshleman community, the teachers of Eshleman have been recording read alouds for our students to help provide a friendly face from the school in this time away. You can find all of the videos on our Eshleman YouTube channel. Look for additional read alouds in the coming days.