Quick Update

Thank you to each of you who have been encouraging your child to tackle some of the tasks Penn Manor has provided on the district page. Continue to have your child share their work with me through Google Classroom or email. While I prefer Google Classroom as it allows me to give students feedback in an organized way, I understand if email is easier. I have a few assignments to give students feedback on, however, almost all of the assignments submitted on Google Classroom should have comments attached or have comments in their file (Google docs, Google Drawing, Google Slides, etc.)

Additionally, I am looking to share some of the great work students have completed however I also want to be mindful that not all students want their work shared. On Google Classroom your child can check out two of our student’s Rube Goldberg machines that they have designed. Consider encouraging your child to check out their classmate’s work and submitting their own design this week.

Finally, while I am still very limited in what the district wants us to post or provide in addition to what is on the district site, I’ve decided to provide my students with a daily math challenge task. These will be difficult but they will tie into our 6th-grade curriculum. The first task is live, so consider encouraging your child to check it out here.

As always, email with questions or concerns. Stay safe.