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6th Grade Celebration

Our 6th grade celebration is live. While we were unable to do a traditional graduation ceremony for our 6th graders, we wanted to make our online celebration as close to what would have normally taken place. As such, you will see a message from Dr. Cox, Mrs. Kinderwater and myself. Additionally, I’ve put together a video which lets the students take a trip down memory lane as they see their classmates grow before their very eyes. Finally, the Eshleman family wanted to celebrate our 6th graders so there is a final video of shoutouts from our faculty and staff. Thank you for a great year. Have a restful and relaxing summer.

(Please click the link below to visit our specially designed 6th grade celebration website)

Our 6th Grade Celebration

One final request

I hope you and your family are doing well. Each year I put together a video for our students which shows each of them growing up from the baby picture you provided earlier this year through their Kindergarten through 6th-grade pictures. Students have an opportunity to save this video as a keepsake from their time in elementary school.

Typically I take an “end of 6th grade” photo of each student, however, that wasn’t possible this year. As I completed the video this weekend, I realized how much the “end of 6th grade” photo adds to the video. 

Therefore, if it is possible for you to provide me with a photo of your son or daughter showing them right now, I would greatly appreciate it and will include it in the video. You can email the picture to

As an alternative, I can also take the student’s picture myself on Thursday during the pick-up window at Eshleman.  I can only take individual photos at this time.

If you choose this option, we will still need to remain socially distant since schools are closed.  Weather permitting, we could take the picture in front of the sign board which has been changed to reflect the graduating class of 2026.  In order to be timely, we ask that you would park in the lower lot and only your student walk to the sign board.  I will take the photo and send your child back to the car.  We will leave the sign board up for a few weeks, to allow you to come back to get photos–or arrange with classmates, as you see fit–to get additional memory photos.  We appreciate your understanding of the restrictions placed on us at this time.

Again, I only ask in an effort to make the “growing up” video as memorable as possible for our students. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

A Message from Dr. Cox

6th Grade Families,
We would like to invite your child & family to enjoy a drive-thru visit to Eshleman on Thursday, May 28th between the hours of 9:00-10:45 AM.  We plan on handing your family two bags.  The first bag will contain any personal items collected from your child’s desk and locker.  The second bag will be a special Celebration Bag that will be filled with wonderful items that will help your child remember Eshleman Elementary.

To help spread out our visits, we ask that you follow this guideline for arrival times:

  • Student LAST NAMES:  A-L:  9:00-9:45 AM
  • Student LAST NAMES:  M-Z:  10:00-10:45 AM

If the last name arrival time makes it difficult due to your work schedule, please let us know if you can come during the opposite time slot.  If you have a unique circumstance, please e-mail Krista Cox at

We are asking you to follow these guidelines to help ensure the health & safety of all families and staff members:

  • Enter through the main entrance (bus lane).
  • Please stay inside your car and we will hand you the bags.
  • We ask that the person lowering the car window to receive the bags be wearing a mask. (as our staff will be wearing masks too)  
  • Depending on the traffic behind you at the time, please be mindful that conversations may need to be brief.*Follow the traffic flow to exit out of the parking lot.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing your 6th grader on Thursday, May 28th.