First Day Assignments

Students, I am excited to begin this 2020/2021 school year adventure with you. Hopefully, by now, you have received a letter from me in the mail. If you are looking to complete my beginning of the year survey click this link.

This week’s schedule will have all A Group students physically attending school on Monday and Wednesday while B Group students will be physically attending school on Tuesday and Thursday.

However, you will have virtual assignments to complete on the days you are not physically present in the classroom. If you are in the B Group, that means that you will be completing an assignment even before you meet me in school.

Therefore, I have put together a video to explain how you will complete your assignment for the first day of school. First, you must join my google classroom. To do so, click on the link below to join my Google Classroom. You will need to enter your Penn Manor email and password. Remember, your password is your Student ID number followed by If you do not know your email or password, please email me at


Next, watch the video below where I walk you through how to complete your first virtual day assignment. This first assignment is short and straightforward since we are only just getting started. Know that in the future, much more will be expected of you on your virtual days (so don’t get used to it 😉 ).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at I will get back to you as soon as I can to make sure you get setup. Regardless, do not stress about this first assignment. We are ALL in this together and I will make sure that everyone is able to successfully complete this first assignment. I look forward to seeing all of you this week.