AEDY ReSET Program 

Penn Manor School Districts Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY) program is referred to as ReSET (REdirecting Students to Excel and Thrive).  ReSET is more than a program, it’s a life-changing center for many students. ReSET allows students to refocus or reset personal decisions made in the school setting and enables them to move forward with better decision making skills to ensure future academic and personal success. This program acts as a safe haven and refuge for students who have demonstrated difficulties following the normal school routine, school rules, code of conduct, or daily schedule.

ReSET is an alternative educational program that provides a positive and supportive atmosphere where staff and students work collaboratively to define and accomplish goals. ReSET enables students to continue to gain academic skills, social skills, and life skills necessary for success after high school.  With a behavioral counseling approach (school counselors and Student Assistance Team) this program focuses on preparing students for life’s transitions.

Our ReSET program is fortunate to have highly regarded teachers serving today’s disruptive youth. We focus and empower our students and teachers to embrace the             A + E = P  (Attitude + Effort = Performance) formula to achieve academic and personal excellence. No matter the challenges presented in life, with a positive attitude and maximum effort students will perform and be a productive contributor to the school community and society.

The goal of the ReSET program is to develop learners who will make a positive contribution to the school community and society.  To accomplish this ReSET will work to:

  • Improve attendance
  • Improve each student’s academic achievement.
  • Improve student decision making to reduce disruptive behaviors through individualized behavior support plans (BSP)
  • Increase student’s awareness of available career options.
  • Improve interpersonal relationships and interaction skills
  • Prepare students for life’s transitions

ReSET will continue to have a positive impact on the students in the program long after they have moved forward with their lives. Our students have been prepared to be future leaders and productive citizens in our community.