February 22, 2019 (Weekend Edition)

Welcome to 6-S!  February 25, 2019 is Day C and our special is Applied Engineering.

Remember to bring your computers back to school , charged and ready to work.

Upcoming Events:
2/25 – Strings practice

2/26 – Chorus practice at 8 a.m.

2/26 – Spring picture day at starting at 9

3/1 – 1:30 early dismissal (PM kdg. attends & has lunch at school)

3/4 Candy orders are due

3/14 is Pi day!


Writing: We recorded our podcasts today. Sharable recordings are due Monday. This project was shared in Google Classroom (Writing). Also, we started a 10% Summary which is due Wednesday.

Spelling: Spelling packet 21 is due 3/1/19 .
There will be an assessment on that day too. One more thing; congrats to our new “Oh-My-Chickenchops” champion on his brilliant effort.

DLR: DLR # 22 is due 3/1/19.

Reading: See Mr. Mattern’s blog.

Social Studies: See Mr. Mattern’s blog.


Maths: Today we reviewed changes in dimensions. This weekend, look over your notes, review the videos below, and revisit the assignments in our Google Classroom to prep for Monday’s quiz.

Science: No current assignment.

RATS: Here are our new date

2/26- Miles

2/28- Kram

3/4- Sami

3/6- Zoey

3/8 – Kelly

3/12- Dominik

3/14- Brynn

3/18- Abby

3/20 Oliva

3/22- Samantha

3/26- Lily

3/28 Sierra

Here’s the blog picture.  Please tell Mr. S. via email who or what this is and receive 5 stars!  (mark.schettler@pennmanor.net)