May 29, 2020

Welcome to 6-S!

Congratulations Rising 7th Graders; you did it. Please enjoy our Sixth Grade Celebration Ceremony by clicking on the link below:


It’s the Blogcast!

Thanks for the emails yesterday, Eli, Kaylee, Ms. Milligan, Alex, and Veronica.

Thanks for all of the Google Hangouts this spring. It was very nice touching base with everybody!

Feeling a little anxious about heading to 7th grade? It’s really not that scary. But don’t take my word for it, check out this slideshow (linked below) created by our friends at the Middle School. A big thank you to Mrs. Juba for sharing.

Upcoming Events

5/29-Conestoga’s Last Day of School!

Congratulations to Vanessa for winning our last Quizizz game of the year! To all who gave Vanessa a run for her money, thanks for playing. Vanessa, you’re truly a deserving champion!

I created a Google Classroom Dropbox for videos and photos that are not categorized in other assignments. For example, maybe you read a book to your little sister and created a video, maybe you interviewed a grandparent, perhaps you took a video of some wildlife, or maybe you snapped a picture of Sasquatch. Please share that in our dropbox. The classroom code is: awbxqh

Thanks for sharing this great video, Katie!
Poppy, the world’s smartest Peruvian Pocket-sized Pig!
Art work from 6-S All-Star, Noah R! Great hearing from you Noah!
Meet Leah’s new dogs, Charlie and Meatball.
Thanks for the fantastic photo, Alex. Her family adopted this kitten.



Writing: Please complete the “6th Grade Survival Guide” culminating activity. Everything you need to complete this last activity is located in our Google Classroom.

Reading: Please read something fun and give us a book review!


Congratulations to our reigning PASSWORD champion, Vanessa!

Congratulations to Vanessa, our new PASSWORD Champion!

MATHS! Enjoy the summer and watch for weekly Quizizzes.

Here’s our Math Quizizz Champion, Leah! Leah topped a very competitive bunch of students in last week’s math challenge. She posted winning scores on both the line plot and histogram games. Way to go Leah. Others who posted impressive scores include Madeleine, Veronica, Evan, Lexi K., Alena, Marley, Ava, Vanessa, Ethan and Alex. Thanks to all who participated!

Leah, our maths champion!


6th grade Science Activities : Please share any experimentation or anything you learn related to science this summer you this summer. I’ll be sure to highlight your work here.

Madeleine’s incredible hydroponic lettuce experiment.
Eli’s brilliant Zip-line experiment!
Willow’s fantastic balloon car.
Lexi K’s stellar Balloon car!
Evan’s wonderful Balloon Powered Car experiement.
Brilliant Balloon Car, Alex!

Social Studies: Please let us know about your travels.

RATS: Please continue to create RATS this summer. Remember, everything you need to create a RAT is in our RATS Google Classroom, and thank-you in advance for any RAT you create.

Please reach out! To send Mr. S. an email use the following email address. ( Please keep in touch!