December 10, 2018

Welcome to 6-S! Tuesday is Day C and our special is Physical Education.

Remember to bring your computers back to school , charged and ready to work.

Signed Work Folders are due Wednesday

Upcoming Events:                                                                                                         12/12 – Chorus practice at 8 a.m. is in music/art room.                            12/12 – All school assembly for annual Winter Concert at 9:30 to 10:15 (Family and Friends invited, too).                                                                        12/20-Trail Mix Party


Writing: We we’re introduced to our Website project.  We will share our finished products on 12/19.

Spelling Packet  #15 (Frequently Missed Words): Will be due 12/21.  There will be an assessment on that day too.  Congrats to our old Password Champions, London and Mr. S.  They are truly deserving champions, bless their hearts.

Reading: see Mr. Mattern’s blog

DLR # 15 is due 12/14.


Maths: Today we took our Chapter 5 Final.  Tonight, watch the video “Order of Operations” (below) and fill in your Re-entry Ticket.    Did your Elf on a Shelf play a not-so-funny prank, tossing your ticket on the yule log?   Relax, a copy exists in our Google Drive Share Folder. 

Science: Today we (sort of) made corrections to our Physics Quiz.  Tomorrow we start new content groups.

We were introduced to our F.O.R. long-range science project.  Please don’t hesitate to ask Mr. S. questions about this project.  Detailed instructions, as well as a scoring rubric, exist in two places: the blog (Science:Found Object Roller Coaster), and our Google Drive share folder (Physics: Found Object Roller Coaster).  This project is due 1/8/19.

RATS: 12/11 Samantha, 12/13 Kasey, 12/17 Tina, 12/19 Katyann, 12/21 Brynn, London 1/7, Crabe 1/9, Ava 1/11, Miles 1/15, Bradyn 1/17, Olive 1/23, Lily 1/25

Here’s the blog picture.  Please tell Mr. S. via email who or what this is and receive 5 stars!  (