June 4, 2021 (Happy Summer Edition)

Welcome to 6-S


Our End of the Year Graduation Slide Show is available in our Google Writing Classroom. Please enjoy!

6/04 – last day of school – report cards go home



Writing: Please don’t hesitate to send Mr S an email or post card this summer.

DLR: We completed 31 DLRs this year!

Reading Group: Please read something you’d like to read.

Spelling: We took our final spelling assessment 30 on Friday, May 21st.


MATHS -Thank you for an amazing maths year!


Science-Congratulations to our 2020-21 Egg Drop Champion, Kiley! To all of the other amazing entries this year, great job on a very successful Egg Drop.

Social Studies

Social Studies: Please visit tons of new places, and please feel free to email Mr S from every new place you visit.

RATS! I can’t wait for next year’s RATS!

Please say hello! Send a brief email to Mr. S. describing the picture of the day (above) and receive 10 Schettler Stars! (mark.schettler@pennmanor.net)

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