Chapter 3 Spelling

Chapter 3


1. Authentic

2. Launch

3. Boycott

4.  Turquoise

5.  Withdrawn

6.  Awkward

7.  Faulty

8.  Applaud

9.  Jigsaw

10.  Curfew

11.  Pound

12.  Awesome

13.  Corduroy

14.  Shrewd

15.  Soothing

16.  Booklet

17.  Drowsy

18.  Moisture

19.  Flaunt

20.  Enough


Abrasive:   rough; coarse; harsh  (1.  Mr S’s attitude toward have a classroom cat was somewhat abrasive.  2.  The sandpaper felt abrasive when I ran the sander across my forehead.)

Bilk:   cheat; defraud   (We tried to bilk Mr S into getting more recess.)
Covert:  hidden; undercover (The spy ran a covert mission and ended up stealing the cookie recipe.)
Engender: cause  (Please don’t engender hate in our classroom.)
Hangar:  storage area (like garage) for a plane (Mr S parked his hovercraft in his covert Millersville hanger.)

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