Classroom jobs 2020-21

Classroom Jobs

In an effort to make our classroom a safe, clean, organized, fair, and productive place, we need to divide responsibilities and chores.  You will always be responsible to keep your backpack, as well as your current desk clean; however, you will also be expected to complete another chore in our classroom.  Below please find a list of the current classroom jobs with their attached job descriptions.  Since this is your copy, feel free to write on this.  You might want to pick a favorite, or even a list of top five jobs.  You will be selecting a job after we’re done reading.

Pencil Doctor-This person maintains the pencil hospital.  Whether sharpening pencils or getting new supplies from Schettler, this job is completed at the beginning and the end of the day.

Floor Manager-All during the day, this manager attempts to maintain a clean classroom. People who are patient, helpful and orderly only need apply.

DJ-When instructed by Schettler, this person is in charge of controlling music.  This job requires the following skills: hitting the mute button, some phone knowledge, and incredible taste in school appropriate music.  One other item: applicants will need to begin the Pledge to the Flag every morning, so knowing the word, “I” is incredibly important.

Research Assistant–When summoned by Schettler, the research assistant fact checks any questionable statement via the Internet.  Please feel free to keep a laptop handy throughout the day.

Librarian-This person must organize book return day.  Be prepared to carry 20-50 books to the library, so strong applicants need apply.

Personal Assistant- This is an extremely important job.  When Schettler requests the personal assistant to do something, this chore must be completed quickly and efficiently.  If you know Mr. Schettler, you know there’s no telling what crazy tasks this might involve.  (I hope you like the smell of coffee.)

Bank Manager-If you like money or stamping, you’ll love this job.  You will help Mr. Schettler keep track of Schettler’s Stars and keep our classroom economy healthy.

Distribution Specialist-If you like handing out educational materials, you’ll love this job.  You should be able to count to 25, as well as lift over 50 pounds to compete this task.  We need at least two distribution specialists to complete this chore.

Mobile Office Manager-Do you like arts and crafts?  Also, do you like keeping materials neat and usable?  Then this job’s for you.  This person maintains order on the mobile office.

Behavior Specialist-Wow, are you important, or what?  This person manages marbles, usually at the end of the day also this person records the number of successful class days (hopefully getting us closer to power days).

Refuse Disposal Authority-Possibly the most important job in the classroom; the refuse disposal specialist is in charge of the trashcans.  This worker is on call during the entire school day.

White Board Doctor-At the end of the day, this person cleans and polishes white board.  It is extremely important to be able to read Schettler’s mind because there might be important information that cannot be erased.

Reserve Deputy-Essentially a substitute, this person fills in for absentees.  This can be very tricky, because this person needs to be able to do every job in our classroom.

 Classroom Mediator-Like a lawyer for the classroom, this person serves as a classroom representative when the class needs to change either policy, rule or procedure.  You need to have good communication skills, as well as a firm knowledge of how to manipulate Schettler.

Schedule Efficiency Expert-This person maintains the classroom daily schedule board.  This can either be completed at the beginning of the day, or the end.

Electrical Efficiency Authority-This position ensures that our classroom saves as much energy as possible.  This job requires a complete knowledge of how to turn off lights and computers.

Group Travel Agent-This is our line leader.  This person needs to know how to stop and start a group of 20 students.  (Good luck!)

Blogger– This incredibly important individual needs to possess decent keyboarding skills, well developed attention to detail, and the ability to add flair or attention grabbing graphics to our classroom blog.  Relax any potential applicant, Mr. S. will provide expert editing skills.

Calculator Manager-Calculators are incredibly important mathematical tools, which we’ll use on a daily basis.  Applicants for this position need to have a keen sense of when maths class begins, as well as when it ends.  Distributing and collecting our calculators is an essential classroom job.

Expo Marker Engineer- This position needs a speedy thinker who can construct a plan of when, where, and to whom to distribute markers.  Also, a key component of this engineer’s job is knowing when to put a marker back with its friends, or put a dry marker in the trash.  If your nose is sensitive to dry erase fumes, or are allergic to the clicking noise needed to make sure pen caps are placed securely, please do apply.