Hundred Day

We had lots of fun on the hundredth day of school. We counted by fives and tens to 100 as we completed exercises. We took 100 steps down the hallway. We were absolutely quiet for 100 seconds. We listened to 100 day stories and songs. We raced to see who could write 100 words the fastest. The partnership of Moriah and Sawyer were our winners! We rolled numbers and colored in 100 squares. We completed a 100 day word search. On seesaw, we took a selfie of ourselves and turned ourselves into our 100 year old selves. We got to see what each of us would look like when we reached 100 by putting ourselves into an aging booth on Mrs. McElheny’s phone app. We rolled a coin 100 times and recorded whether we rolled heads or tails more. We learned about odd and even numbers as we colored our 100 day paper. We put puzzles together that had 100 pieces while we ate our 100 snack food items. Some kids enjoyed stacking 100 cups on top of each other. Here are a few Hundred Day Highlights!

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