In Math we will be using Macmillan McGraw-Hill: Math Connects Series. This series has an on-line component which allows you to access your child’s math book from home.  Here are the directions to access the student text online.

1.  Go to
2.  Choose your class (Mrs. McElheny)
3.  Select your name
4.  Click on the number, fruit, and shape for your password.

Once the code is entered, it will load the student text for on-line usage.  That’s all there is to it!   This is a great way to practice and reinforce the concepts the children have been working on in class. Enjoy!

The first grade math concepts that will be taught this year are as follows:

Chapter #1: Addition Concepts

Chapter #2: Subtraction Concepts

Chapter #3: Addition Strategies to 20

Chapter #4: Subtraction Strategies to 20

Chapter #5: Place Value

Chapter #6: Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Chapter #7: Organize and Use Graphs

Chapter #8: Measurement and Time

Chapter #9: Two-Dimensional Shapes and Equal Shares

Chapter #10: Three-Dimensional Shapes

*Problem Solving will be taught on a daily basis.

**Homework component is used to reinforce the skills taught in class.

*Math Homework*

Our current math program contains a homework component at the end of each lesson. The homework reinforces the skills the students learned that day in class. Because we are required to send math homework home, I will be sending the homework paper home in the “Bring Back to school” side of their Folders. Please help your child complete the work correctly and send it back to school the next day. At the beginning of each chapter, your child will be bringing home Math Words they need to know for that chapter, as well as a foldable to be made and used at home.  The Math words and foldable do not need to come back to school. You can expect a homework paper to come home most nights, with the exception of Friday.