2018-2019 Chorus/Band/Instrumental Lesson Schedule for Mrs. Repkoe

Hi musicians! Many of you have already signed up for chorus or have been invited to join the band. Here is our schedule.

Chorus–TUESDAYS–Begins on September 25 @8:15. Please drop off at front doors and Mrs. Repkoe or Mrs. Smith will let you in. Come to the music room.

Band–WEDNESDAYS–Begins on September 26@8:15. Please drop off at front doors and Mrs. Repkoe or Mrs. Smith will let you in. Come to the music room.

Mrs. Repkoe’s Lessons–I’m very sorry that I am not allowed to do “day of the week” lessons anymore. I have been directed to do an 8 day cycle so that I can see more students. I know it is a very long time between lessons. I will see kids on ABCD-“odd” and ABCD “even”. They have their lesson assignments and I will put the correct date for the next lesson in their book each time. Hopefully this keeps confusion at a minimum.

Thanks for all of your support of our music program at Central Manor!

Another Great Year!

Thank you to all of the students and parents for another successful year of making music together. Our concerts at CM and the high school were rewarding and well attended.

I encourage all instrumental students to practice over the summer. We will start band and chorus again in late September. I’m looking forward to greeting a new group of 5th graders in band and chorus.

More information will follow at the beginning of next school year. In the meantime, sing, play, make music and have a great summer!

Great Job–and Band next week!

Thank you to all of the Central Manor musicians and parents for your support of our program and concert on Tuesday evening. We had a lovely evening of music and fun.

Band members–we have our final morning rehearsal on May 2. That is the day we will also go to the high school to rehearse for the combined elementary concert.

The final band and strings concert is at Penn Manor High School on Thursday, May 3 at 7pm.

Concert April 24 at Central Manor

Remember that our concert at Central Manor is this Tuesday, April 24 at 7pm. This concert will feature band, strings, chorus and first grade.

All ensemble members and first graders were given reminder papers with directions to meet by 6:45–band, strings, chorus in the gym area, first graders in 1-D and 1-S in Mrs. Devenburgh’s room, 1-M and 1-A at the beach.

See you there!

Great concert!

Thank you to all Central Manor chorus members and parents for your support of our elementary combined chorus last night!

We WILL continue to rehearse at CM on Tuesdays before school on April 10, 17, and 24. Our concert at Central Manor will be at 7pm on April 24. Singers will get a reminder letter at rehearsal on April 10.

Thank you again for a wonderful job!

Upcoming Chorus Concert at PMHS

A final reminder that our elementary combined choral concert will be on Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 7pm at Penn Manor High School auditorium. Please have singers there by 6:45. Dress for concert is “nice clothes”. There is no particular color or combination you must wear, just try to look your best.

The kids have worked hard and we are looking forward to this first concert of our Spring concert season.

See you there

Mrs. Repkoe

Spring Concert Schedule

Hello Central Manor musicians! Thank you to our chorus and band musicians who have carefully watched for school delays or cancellations. Please remember that if we have a delay on a chorus or band day, then rehearsal is cancelled. This has happened several times!

Our Spring concerts will be here soon. Please make sure that these dates are on your calendars

April 5, 2018 7pm @ Penn Manor High School–Combined CHORUS concert

April 24, 2018 7pm @ Central Manor–Chorus, Band, Strings and Grade 1  concert

May 3, 2018 7pm @ Penn Manor High School–Combined BAND and STRINGS

The band and chorus students will be going to the high school to rehearse during the school day on April 4 for chorus, and May 2 for band. I will be sending permission slips home with the students within the next several weeks. Please be sure to fill out the permission slip and return to school so that all of our musicians may participate in our short trip to the high school to practice.

Looking forward to a great concert season!

Great Job!

Our holiday concert was a great success. Thank you to all of the student performers and audience members for a wonderful evening.

Our rehearsals will resume in January on the following dates:

Chorus–January 9, 2018

Band–January 10, 2018

Please come to the front doors as usual. I will let the first “wave” of students in at about 8:05. If you arrive later, please come in the outer front door and buzz the office to let you in. After I open the door for the first group of students I am not allowed to put a doorstop in. Please understand this new practice for the safety of our school.

Thanks and see you in January!