Band rehearsals

Band members: Please remember that Central Manor band meets on a cycle day basis on DAY 6. Our cycle days have changed due to weather cancellations in January, so be sure to check your cycle days and come to band on day 6. Ms. Almoney has updated schedules if you need to clarify dates. Thanks for your participation and thanks to parents for transporting students to rehearsal!

2 thoughts on “Band rehearsals

  1. thanks for the reminder that its always day 6. I seriously am totally confused with all these crazy snow days as to what day it is!! I know Patrick missed the last one because of our confusion. If there is a school delay on a day 6 I assume there is no band. What a Winter

    1. Yes, that is correct….if there is a delay, then band is cancelled for that day. Ms. Almoney is only in the building on certain days, so band rehearsal dates have to float with the cycle days. As of now….next day 6 is Tues, 2/18….but who knows if that day will stay the same with the weather. thanks for understanding!

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