Monthly Archives: February 2014

Looking forward to Spring???

It was great to work with the chorus this morning after all of our delays and cancellations. Maybe the weather is behind us and we can start getting back to the routine of rehearsing every Tuesday morning. Thank you if you have been remembering to come to rehearsal even with all of the schedule changes.

We have 2 concerts in our Spring season. One of them is at Central Manor on April 24, and the other is a combined choral concert at Penn Manor high school on May 1. There is a rehearsal at the high school during the school day on April 30. I told the chorus students this morning that I would be giving them a permission slip for this rehearsal within the next few weeks…so be sure to come to chorus to get the information and slip.

Thanks and see you next week. Two rehearsals in a row would feel unusual, huh?