Monthly Archives: October 2017

Lessons and Ensembles

Our instrumental lesson groups and performing ensembles are off to a great start at Central Manor. Instrumental students have been working with Ms. Almoney and Mrs. Repkoe for several weeks and have all of the information that they need about scheduling, materials, etc on Ms. Almoney’s blog. Also students have band folders with lists of their lesson dates and practice logs.

Our chorus started rehearsing on September 26. We have a large group of over 55 students and we are sounding wonderful. Thank you for remembering that students are dropped off at the front door.

Our band started rehearsing on September 27. It has been great to see the students taking the next step in their musical development by playing with a large group. Again, thanks parents for dropping students off at the front door for rehearsal.

Our first concert performance will be on December 5, 2017. 2:30 assembly during school and 7:00pm evening concert at CM. This concert will feature band, chorus and 3rd grade.

Keep practicing and attending your lessons and rehearsals!