Monthly Archives: August 2020

Welcome back, CM Friends!

It is so great to be back in school and starting to see all of your wonderful, masked faces.

If you are in first or second grade, you will have the same special every day until the beginning of October. Mrs. Mader’s class has music for the first rotation.

Students in grades 3-6 will have the same special for whichever days they are in school physically. When your group is not in school, you can log on to your grade level’s music google classroom and work on the posted activity for the week. The following classes have music for the first rotation and have been sent emails inviting them to join the Music Google class: Mrs. Wise, Mrs. Wiggins, Miss Winder and Mrs. Schoelkopf.

I look forward to making music with you and I’m so glad that we can see each other again!