Fun afternoon

Remember to wear NEON on Thursday. This is our way to show that our future is Bright!

Friday is the best day of the year (Fine Arts Day). Please feel free to wear a Leader shirt if you have one.

After working hard this morning on the Math PSSA, 4-Szentesy had a little fun getting to know more about others. Partners were randomly chosen, so students were FORCED to speak to someone new. Rotations were made so everyone got a chance to share with and learn about a few different classmates. They really enjoyed it! Way to increase conversation, work on eye contact, and better our overall communication in a fun way! What can you talk about tonight?


We had a hard-working, successful, optimistic week of PSSA testing for ELA. On Thursday, the students in fourth grade were treated to a movie “Whispers.” We also read Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco and saw the process to making pysanky. Ask your child what happened during the All School Assembly today!

Thank you, parents, for the encouragement you gave to your child this week. Several other teachers commented to me on how hard the individual students worked, especially on the TDA portions of their tests.

Also a big thank you to the families who donated some snacks. It was a nice treat to offer the students after the test was finished for the morning.

Next week:
Monday – no school
Tuesday – Regular day of school! Music
Wednesday – PSSA Math, wear sweats, Library Instruction/Book Exchange!
Thursday – PSSA Math, wear bright neon colors, Art
Friday – Fine Arts Day (the best day of the year at Hambright!), no “Phys. Ed.”

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter/Passover/Spring Break with your families!

Day 1

Today was a great first day of PSSA. These fourth graders in 4-Sz were focused, confident, and proud. You should be! They were well-rested and enjoyed their PJ’s and some Peeps!

Get another great dinner tonight, some solid sleep, and another healthy breakfast tomorrow! Remember to wear RED, since you are RE(a)Dy for the test!


Good afternoon!
This is a reminder that students are permitted to wear pajamas (school-appropriate) to class on Monday. The kids are ready for the test, they had a lot of rest, and they will do their best!

Thanks for sending in any donations for snacks. After working so hard on ELA portion of the PSSA, it’s nice to provide a little something to them to fill their growling bellies.

Students in 4-Szentesy will not have spelling next week, and will not have homework to complete in the evenings. Thank you for the support you give to your children as they come in ready to show us all they know next week!

Plan ahead for Spirit Days!

We have a spirit day planned for each day the PSSA will be administered.

April 15th – We’ve gotten plenty of rest; now bring on the test!  Wear your favorite, school-appropriate pajamas.  
April 16th – We are RE(a)Dy for the PSSAs!  Wear red.
April 17th – We’ve got taking the test down to a T!  Wear your favorite T-shirt. 
April 24 – We are taking the PSSA.  No Sweat!  Wear sweatpants or sweatshirts.  
April 25 – Our future is bright!  Wear neon colors.  
April 30 – We are a Hambright team!  Wear a jersey or team shirt.  
May 1 – Hats off to a job well done!  Wear a hat, but nothing distracting.


The students have been working hard in math, writing, reading, you name it…..they are persevering through fourth grade! I’m proud of their efforts. You’ll see the progress on their report cards coming home on April 8. Take a look at the “Important Dates” tab atop this page!

Parents, we are looking ahead to PSSA testing beginning on April 15. If you are out and find some good deals on snacks, would you consider donating something to the class? After working hard during the morning testing sessions, I would like to give students a snack to replenish them! Not a requirement, but thanks for helping to fill their bellies!

Again, please look at the dates for April on this page and take note of them on your home calendars. Thank you!

Quick Reminder

The parent/student workshop is fast approaching! (April 4). Papers are due back by Friday, March 29. We are planning a few lessons/activities/fun for that night. You’ll learn new tools for math, reading, and homework help/organization/study skills. You’ll get some goodies and free pizza too! Check your calendars and return the bottom of the pink paper by next week.

Hope to see you there!

A few reminders

*Monday the students have a math test on customary measurement. Do your best! We will move on to metric measurement in chapter 12, which is a VERY short chapter. It will be completed and tested next week!

*Students can shop at the Book Fair during our Library Instruction time on Tuesday!

*For ELA: We wrapped up the VERY short Unit 5 on Author’s Claim. This week we begin Unit 6, where we will compare and contrast more texts, and learn about firsthand and secondhand accounts.

*Students began a unit on Biology last week, learning about ecosystems. This week we will learn about fossils!

*Friday is “DECADE DAY.” Let’s see students dress in clothing from another decade. Can’t wait to see some of the outfits during our All-School Opening as well!

*Reminder that there is a 1:30 Early Dismissal on Friday.

March 26 – End of the 3rd marking period

March 29 – This is a snow make-up day, we are IN school today!

April 8 – Report cards come home

**PSSA ELA Tests – April 15, 16, 17

**PSSA Math Tests – April 24, 25

**PSSA Science Tests for fourth graders only – April 30, May 1