Veterans Day

What a special day! It was an honor to welcome so many veterans to Pequea this morning. The assembly was incredibly well-done and the students could not have been more respectful. After the whole-school assembly, the second graders were treated to some small group time with family members. Thank you to our three veterans for joining us and sharing about your experiences while in the service.

The second graders performed a great song with motions, some readers’ theatre scripts, and some poetry for our special guests. Thank you to our heroes!

Sweet Dreams!

Good evening Szentesy Squad!

Congratulations on raising so much money for Pequea during our “Pequea Point Break” fundraiser.  Thanks to all of your hard work, the Pequea staff has a big evening ahead of us tomorrow!  All are welcome to join us for the big event tomorrow evening; it’s the grand finale to our Pequea Point Break!  

Teachers will arrive at the school by 7:45 PM.  We will begin our lift to the roof at 8:00 PM.  Wish us luck!

Please tune in at 8:45 for our Read Aloud Bedtime Story.  Livestream link will begin from the roof!

Thank you!!!!


Thank you to the Penn Manor Education Foundation for supporting our reading habits. The boys and girls were ecstatic to receive a new chapter book today, “Mysteries According to Humphrey”.” We started reading it together and they were over-joyed to take it home. Thank you PMEF! Happy Reading!

Get Funky! (and reminders)

Today is National Get Funky Day. We had some cool outfits of students showing their true selves. Way to be unique Szentesy Squad!

Please remember that tomorrow is Picture Day!!! (and phys ed.).

Please remember the Early Dismissal on Friday (1:30 pm) and No School on Monday, October 10. We have Book Exchange on Tuesday, October 11 after the long weekend.

The Szentesy Squad has raised over $923 for Pequea Point Break. WOW!!! We are currently in second place of the entire school. Only $42 to meet our goal and have a silly string party (oh no…. haha!). Keep up the amazing work!

First 7 days and reminder

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday, September 9) is our first HOUSE SPIRIT day of the school year. Break out your Azim (blue), Amistad (red), Hana (green), and Awali (yellow)!

Reminder that any book orders are due tomorrow (to Scholastic online or to me at school).

Here are a few pictures of some rainy day indoor math practice, and some sunny beautiful pictures at recess on Thursday!