Monthly Archives: May 2010


Tuesday night is our first grade concert.  Please have your child at the school by 7:00.  First grade students should report to Miss Szentesy’s room.  After singing, they will report back to her room.  Parents can pick up their child after the concert.

Lucky Ducks!

For beating the teacher ten times, the class earned another reward.  For this one, they chose to chew gum during school.  What a great treat!?   It went along nicely with our story about homophones.  For example:  She liked to “choose” what she “chews.”

Chewing gum!

Save the Honeybees!

Here are some pictures from the Honeybees assembly.  Mr. Cliff, or “Mr. Sunflower,” spent all day at Martic.  We were excited to learn about the Honeybees and amazed at what incredible creatures they are!

The Queen (bee) and her Court!
"Feed Me!" said the baby bees
Christian is growing up!
Alyssa looks great as a beekeeper!
Up close and personal to the bees!
Which honey do you like the best?
Bee paraphernalia