Monthly Archives: September 2010

Fire Safety

This week first graders began learning about fire safety.  Students learned what to do in case of a fire.  In these photos, you’ll see the students working in pairs to safely get “people counters” out of a burning house and safely to their meeting place.  They worked together in different scenarios to keep the family safe!


Our class was very fortunate to communicate to Mrs. Foster today.  Mrs. Foster (our amazing School Technology Analyst) was in Key West, Florida this week.  After a brief geography lesson, the class was able to see and hear her live in our classroom.  She showed us some palm trees and the waves in the Atlantic Ocean.  It sure looked like a cool place to be!!  We will utilize SKYPE in many other ways this school year.  Today was just an intro.  Thanks Mrs. Foster! See you next week!


Just a friendly reminder that Scholastic Book Orders are due tomorrow, Thursday, September 16.

Also, I look forward to meeting you all at Meet the Teacher night Thursday from 4:30-6:30.  Please stop by with your family.  Your first grader has a lot to show you! 🙂  See you then!


One behavior management tool that we use in 1-S is the “Sunshine Club.”  Students remain in the sunshine club by following the class rules.  At the end of each month, the students who remain in the Sunshine Club have a special lunch with the teacher.  Today the ENTIRE class enjoyed eating lunch in our newly landscaped courtyard.  All students remained in the Sunshine Club for August.  I hope we can have this many students join me for September!