Monthly Archives: August 2011

First Days!!

Our class is off to an amazing start in first grade.  Students learned many procedures and guidelines to follow in our room.  We have had music with Mr. Dutton and physical education with Mrs. Young.  On Wednesday we will visit Mrs. Duff in the library!  I am impressed with the first graders’ kindness towards one another.   All families should be very proud of their first grade students!

Thank you to all of the parents who have filled out the massive amounts of paperwork that came home with your student on Monday night.  I (and the office staff) appreciate your promptness in the clerical work. 

I would like to also thank the families who have signed up to receive e-mail updates and notes, rather than receive paper copies.  This will cut down on the amount of paper that is used (and relieve some of the student’s responsibility to deliver so many reminders to you!)

I look forward to the rest of the week with 1-S! 

Summer Greetings!

Hello first grade families!  I hope everyone is enjoying your summer so far.  I am having fun and already getting ready for school to begin!  Please look for a “welcome” letter in your mailbox within the next week.   As a reminder, you received a list of items you are asked to provide for your student this school year.  In case you have misplaced that note, here is what we are asking you to provide, to help support our school.

Your child will need:
A tool box
Glue sticks
Crayons (16- or 24-pack)

I am looking forward to meeting you on August 29th!