Monthly Archives: September 2011

We Share Because We Care

This Friday, the newly-formed Student Council of Martic Elementary School is holding it’s first school-wide event.  All students are invited to wear PINK to recognize cancer research, patients, and survivors.
They would also like students to remember a friend or family member who may be a cancer patient or survivor by writing their name or posting a picture on the Martic’s pink mural “We Share Because We Care.”

Thank you to our 5th and 6th grade Student Council for organizing this great event!
See you in PINK on Friday! 


First graders earned their first reward of the school year.  By earning 25 baseballs on our “Catching Compliments” poster, they chose to have slushies.  Keep working hard, listening carefully, and being extra nice and kind.  Fill those buckets!!!

Rain Day…

I hope you have all had a nice, hopefully DRY, day off.  I did not expect to miss a day of school this early in the year!  Please note:  Tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 9 will be day 1.  School will now be in session on February 17th.  This is our first make-up day that will be used.  Cross your fingers that we do not miss any more days!!