Monthly Archives: February 2012

She’s here!!!

Our SKYPE friend, Mrs. Pollock visited our classroom on Monday, February 27.  Two or three students in 1-S read to Mrs. Pollock via SKYPE every week.  This practice helps improve our interest in reading, our volume, and our reading fluency.  We are very lucky to have her in our school day.  We were all excited to meet her face-to-face.  The class made a welcome sign, as well as individual cards and letters.  Mrs. Pollock brought each student a treat!  Thank you for encouraging us to read!!!


Students in 1-S caught 25 compliments this week!  To celebrate, they enjoyed hot chocolate (with marshmallows!!!).  This paired very well with our video about “Snowflake Bentley, the Snowflake Man.”  Keep working hard and being “nice and kind!”   


Due to technical difficulties, our readers were unable to read to Mrs. Pollock on last Thursday.  This morning Brooke and Fallon each read a longer book.  Brooke read The Hair Book and Fallon read Five Minutes Peace.  Both girls worked hard to read clearly, loudly, fluently, and with expression.  Great job!  Mrs. Pollock enjoyed both of them very much!